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Streamline The Patient Intake Process. Go Paperless.

We will build your own personalized iPad app complete with all of your patient documents (completely customized using your practice’s forms – consent, registration, medical history, etc.) which conveys a state-of-the-art patient experience. mConsent also has a library of forms that you may access.

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Why mConsent?

Go paperless with electronic consent forms, patient registration, medical history, treatment plans and more.

  • Simplify healthcare document management with all your forms in one place.

  • No more missing critical information or hard to read patient handwriting.

  • Eliminate redundant data entry and streamline your front office operations.

  • Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations at your practice. mConsent securely transmits documents and patient information into your practice management software.

By choosing mConsent, you receive software that is customized for your practice.

We will build your own personalized iPad app complete with all of your patient documents (completely customized using your practice forms – consents, registration forms, medical history forms, etc.) which conveys a state-of-the-art patient experience. mConsent also has a library of forms that you may access.

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Product Features

mConsent is a leading dental software solution
which helps dental practices to become more efficient by going paperless.

Seamless patient intake process
Reduce redundant data entry
Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations
Capture patient insurance cards and driver’s licenses
Affordable Pricing
Go Paperless: All intake forms, consent forms, and medical history forms
Allow patients to complete documents from the comfort of their home
Automatically updates the practice management software*
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Integrates with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Dentrix Enterprise
Back up your patient documents in the cloud


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The necessity of Informed Medical Consent Form

Medical caregivers consider medical consent form as a necessity. Every medical center, doctors, medical practitioners are required to get written content from the patient or his closest guardian by means of medical consent forms in times of extreme care medical situations. Each one of you at one stage or the other might have gone through a life-threatening experience. Few are even traumatized while encountering similar experiences again in their life. Necessity has always been the mother of invention.

Medical consent forms could effectively act as a pathway for the patients to their fast recovery. Consent forms primarily involve the patient's details (name, age, date of birth etc), guardians name, emergency contact number, medical allergies if any, tablets taken, vaccination history, last time when given critical medical care, patients current condition & acceptance to get treated by the practitioner.

How Medical Consent form prevents malpractice

An experienced medical practitioner should konow the risk involved for the patients. While he takes him/her in for medical treatment. It is obligatory to explain it in a simple & understandable way to the patients. This stage shows the level of medical experience held by the practitioner. By all means, it keeps the patient safe. Moreover, if the practitioner is unable to identify the type of problem. Then he has no chance of curing the patient in an effective manner.

Depending upon the level of negligence falsified given information, fake medical life threats etc. The patient could essentially sue the doctor for malpractice. The patient could even approach the medical bar council for effective compensation depending upon the bad experience he went through.

Extra care for Dental Consent form

Consent form serves as a means of collecting relevant information for the dental care sector. mConsent App could be used to fill Dental consent forms are filled from anywhere around the globe. The data is then transferred to the dentist. At the same time, prior to the appointment so that he could get a clear idea of the patient's condition. Before treatment Dental Consent form serves as guide to the patient to take extra precautions.

Why mConsent!

mConcent App provides a complete seamless medical experience for the patients. Everything from previous hospital visits to any allergies pertaining to ay treatment could be even recorded in these electronic forms effortlessly. mConsent App is fully customized to suit any personal needs. We have 1000+ users currently using the App ranging from bachelors to well-grouped families.

Above all, mConsent greatly reduces the delay of front office operations since everything comes at your fingertips in just a click.

Now it is the right time to acquire such a useful and efficient life-saving app!

Be the right person & make the right choice.

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