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Instant 2-Way SMS Perfect Communication Channel to Connect with Patients

Want a fast, easy, and secured communication flow to keep your dental staff connected with busy patients, hosting your dental office’s phone number?

2-Way SMS is specifically designed for healthcare providers as a convenient, patient-prefered route of communication, to keep team members and patients in sync about appointments, patient status, unexpected occurrences, and so much more.

Patients love the ease of being able to send a quick SMS message to reschedule an appointment, or to let staff know about a cancellation or a delay in reaching the office for their appointment time. Waitlisted patients can be notified of last minute openings, via text, preventing lost revenue.

Two way patient

Why 2-Way Text Communication?

Instant 2-Way SMS, a fully secured and HIPAA compliant platform, serves as a valuable communication asset to boost patient satisfaction, staff productivity and improve revenue. It saves dental staff the burden of having to call and track down patients. Real-Time engagement prevents miscommunication, and reduces missed appointments. It also enables patients to get their questions answered quickly.

Two way patient
Two way patient

2-Way Text - Ultimate Avenue for a Variety of Purposes

2-Way SMS real-time communication is 10x more efficient & simpler than phone calls or email. Providers can send and receive attachments, share important notifications and resources, including video informational links, post op recovery care instructions, oral hygiene brochures, relevant medication info, etc.

SMS is the perfect tool for appointment reminders with instant confirmation capabilities, eliminating no-shows, and allowing providers to request insurance information or necessary documents. Billing reminders with invoice links can be sent via text, along with implementing a recall system to bring back overdue patients. 2-Way text can even be used as a marketing tool, including incentives for referrals.

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