On Demand Webinar

Mastering Collections:
Learn How PESO Model helped many Practices



1:10 - 1:52

Overview of what will be discussed

2:05 - 2:39

Scope of Webinar

2:40 - 6:39

Challenges of Traditional Billing in dental practices

6:40 - 12:30

PESO Model - reducing overdue payments

12:31 - 13:16

30/60/90 day reports

13:17 - 16:10

Digital Solutions, Text 2 Pay

16:32 - 17:40

How digital invoicing works

18:30 - 19:08

Impact on your office

19:10 - 19:52

Case Study

19:57 - 20:38

mConsent as a solution

20:40 - 27:17

Exclusive offer

Why Should You Watch This Webinar?

If your struggling with overdue patient payments this webinar is for you! You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase collection rates
  • Reduce overdue payments
  • Enhance cash flow and financial performance
  • Have more time for quality patient care
  • Eliminate paper invoices for good

About Speaker

Samad Syed is the CEO and Founder of SRS Web Solutions, a Minneapolis, MN-based company that developed the leading dental software platform, mConsent. mConsent is All-in-One Digital Transformation Solution for Dental Offices which helps the front office go paperless , thereby improving Dental office productivity and improving Patient experience. Over 32 million patients across the USA have utilized mConsent software to go paperless, leading to improved patient experience and increased office productivity.

In addition to his work in the dental industry, Samad is a 6 Sigma Master Black Belt and has trained over 400 business leaders on bringing productivity and profitability to their businesses using 6 Sigma methodology. Samad completed his Master's in Engineering from Wayne State University in Michigan and holds an MBA from Indiana University.

Samad lives in Dallas, TX. His educational background and extensive experience in the dental industry have made him a respected and sought-after expert in the field.




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