Family Care Clinic uses mConsent’s digital intake solution to
streamline operational workflow, save staff time and increase revenue.



Manual paperwork leads
to revenue loss

Terry Ourada, Practice Manager and Practicing Doctor at Family Care Clinic in Laramie, WY, runs a family practice clinic that focuses on building relationships with the patients. She sees on average 10 patients per day with ages anywhere between 18 and 90 year olds. Administrative overload is nothing new in the health sector. The clinic’s primary challenge revolved around time inefficiencies caused by manual paperwork completion for new patients. For years much of Terry’s time was consumed with patients completing paperwork and she experienced on average 4 lost appointment slots per day.

“Being in a college town came with its additional set of challenges,” said Terry. “Incomplete or outdated contact information resulted in missed opportunities for follow-up appointments and communication, impacting the clinic’s bottom line. With mConsent we have designed the forms such that it is a parameter that they would have to complete. We’re also able to keep on time and add more appointments to the day, which is revenue.”



mConsent helps free up time for
more appointments

Terry integrated mConsent’s digital forms within Family Care Clinic which are integral to the digital patient registration and intake features. mConsent sends forms to patients via text or email before their appointments, which reduces check-in times significantly – no staff effort required. This way the completed forms and patient information can be review ahead of time, optimizing appointment schedules and minimizing wait times.

“I love the fact that I see a person walk into the clinic to the front desk and within seconds they’re ready to be checked in,” said Terry. “I’ve had a lot of people make referrals to the practice knowing that we stay on time,” she added.

mConsent’s custom-designed forms tailored to the clinic’s requirements ensure accurate and updated patient information is captured, minimizing the challenges related to incomplete documentation.



Streamlined workflow,
higher revenue

Since implementing mConsent, Family Care Clinic has been able to add tons of new appointments to their schedule everyday. Terry said that because her patients are able to complete their paperwork in advance, their check-in times are shorter and they are able to experience more focused interactions during consultations. This personalized care leads to positive referrals and patient loyalty.

“If there’s ever been a question or concern, I’ve been able to reach out to someone quickly, people respond immediately and you get the help right away.” said Terry. Efficient use of appointment slots and reduced paperwork burden allowed the clinic to accommodate more patients per day, resulting in better revenue. Because Family Care Clinic integrated mConsent with the Athena system, patient data transfer was swift ensuring data completeness and reducing administrative errors.

“By maintaining punctuality in appointments, Family Care Clinic improved its quality scores, further solidifying its reputation as a patient-centric healthcare provider,” said Terry.



Overall, if you look at the big picture, the patients are very pleased that they’re able to walk right into the clinic and get checked in. I can review their information; I can pull up the forms as I’m sitting there with them and go through their health history and anything that might be pertinent. mConsent takes away some of my personal stress and I have been able to stay on time, which translates into increased revenue.
Teri J. Ourada
Practice Manager & Practicing Doctor, Family Care Clinic
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