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Family Care Clinic Success Story

How integrating mConsent with Athena helped her practice

Collect Patient data, Medical history,
Insurance info and Consents before the visit

Discover how mConsent simplifies your practice management while unlocking your growth potential

Our Solutions

Digital Patient Registration and Check-In

"Streamline Your Front Desk Operations"

Eliminate paperwork and reduce waiting times with our digital patient registration and check-in. Ensure a smooth start to your patients' journey, enhancing their satisfication and you staffs efficiency.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Tired of patient no-shows from ineffective phone call reminders? We skyrocket show up rates by delivering automated SMS/email reminders patients love, boosting revenue.


  • Customizable automated reminders sent via text/email
  • Reactivate overdue patients
  • Drastically reduces no-shows & boosts revenue
  • Minimizes staff workload
  • Intake forms can be sent with reminders
  • Receive confirmation response via text/email
  • Fully secured

2-Way Texting
Patient Communication

Tired of playing endless games of phone tag with patients? 2-Way SMS texting enables fast, secure messaging between staff and patients through your office number, eliminating frustrating phone calls.


  • More efficient communication vs phone calls/email
  • Send attachments, notifications, resources
  • Appointment reminders with instant confirmation
  • Request insurance/documents
  • Send billing reminders and invoices
  • Patient recall system for overdue patients
  • Marketing tool for referrals and incentives
  • Boosts satisfaction, productivity, and revenue
  • Saves time calling/tracking patients
  • Reduces miscommunication and no-shows
  • Patients get quick answers to questions

Online Reputation Management

Your Medical Practice’s Reputation is everything. We skyrocket your online reputation in less time than competitors.

How do we make it happen?

  • Satisfied patients get automated text review request at
    peak time (after checkout)
  • 90% open rate
  • A few easy clicks for patients to leave a 5-star review
  • Negative reviews are no longer a headache

MPay - Digital Payments
with Text2Pay

Simplify Payments and Improve Cash Flow

Offer your patients the convenience of digital payments with Text2Pay. Accelerate collections, reduce administrative burden, and provide a seamless payment experience.

Practice App


Practice App

Get your practice in your Palms

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How it Works

Patient Engagement Roadmap

Keep your patients involved at each step of their healthcare journey by digitizing your practice workflow

  • Patient digital registration and documentation
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Digital treatment plans with e-signature
  • Online or in-office check-in and registration
  • In-office iPad App for consents
  • Time-of-service payment options
  • Waiting Room TV -
    Office branding and education
  • Post-visit payment options
  • Payment reminders
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Broadcast announcements
  • Automated recall messages
  • Targeted educational outreach
  • HIPAA compliant Patient Text Messaging




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