How Switching to Automated Forms Will Make Your Optometry Office More Efficient

More Time for Patients

Innovative optometry software brings quite a tremendous advantage to optometrists looking for ways to make their practice more efficient. Embracing automated forms will free up much needed time for your office to book more eye exams and allow more quality time with each patient. Healthcare providers who switch to digital technology save, on average, 15 minutes per patient. That’s a significant amount of time that can be utilized to increase office revenue via more patient exams. Patients love optometrists who spend more quality time offering comprehensive eye exams and thorough explanations of ocular findings.

Front Office Staff Productivity

Typically, optometric office staff spend a large portion of their work time collecting patient information from paper forms and inserting that data into the system. Paper forms commonly become misplaced, lost, stolen or improperly discarded. These occurrences cause staff to lose valuable time and can also create issues with patient privacy regulations. mConsent’s digital forms help resolve those problems by eliminating the need for paper forms. All patient forms, including intake, consent, medical history and others will be converted into mConsent’s digital software allowing you and your staff easy and quick access at any time and location. mConsent’s end-to-end encryption ensures top security of your patient’s information, in full compliance with HIPAA regulations. Your staff will enjoy the convenience of having all the digital forms at their fingertips and will be able to spend work hours more productively.

Less Time Waiting on Patients

Optometrists frequently become delayed in their daily exam schedule due to patients who take a considerable amount of time to complete paper forms after arriving. With mConsent there is no wait time for optometrists in this regard. All patient forms are digitally sent to patients to complete in the convenience of their own home prior to stepping into your optometry office. While at home, patients have access to their medication list, previous health records, insurance cards and relevant information that can easily be input or scanned into mConsent’s software. Once patients complete, electronically sign and submit the forms, they will be transferred directly to the optometrist for review. Optometrists love mConsent’s state-of-the-art features that save tremendous amounts of time and hassle.

Integration Into Your Optometry EMR Software

mConsent’s cutting edge technology is compatible with examWriter, Crystal PM and other optometry management software systems. Integration of our digital forms into your EHR software will save your optometry office tremendous amounts of time and money. Our engineering team provides reliable, fast service to ensure all your needs are met. Contact mConsent today for more information about integration with your optometry EMR software.




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