5 Actions of Successful Dental Practices


July 27, 2022




Want a tried and tested way to boost your dental practice’s success? It’s definitely achievable with the right approach. We’ll discuss 5 actions that conquer the common everyday challenges faced by dental practices.

Ready to upgrade your dental practice, improve efficiency, boost productivity, create happy patients, and maintain long term growth. Check out the 5 important actions to incorporate.

5 Steps to Incorporate

1. Self-Serve Intake Process

Patients are looking for 3 elements in their dental experience - convenience, simplicity, and reliability. Traditional paper intake processes have not been able to meet any of these 3 factors. Here’s how patients view traditional intake processes:

  • Inconvenient stacks of paper forms to complete
  • Disorganized front desk with staff multi-tasking
  • Forgetting to bring medication list or insurance card
  • Long wait for front desk to transfer information manually

Self-service Paperless patient forms are the perfect solution to meeting the expectations of patients. With digital intake processes, patients will enjoy:

  • Remotely completing intake forms online, with their own device, from any location.
  • Capturing ID, Insurance card, Photo, and Medication list from home
  • Front office staff no longer need to transfer information or scan documents - forms integrate into your PMS (Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, and Dolphin).
  • Less waiting room time

2. Patient-preferred Payment Option

Payment Options

Ever get tired of overdue, inaccurate, or delayed payments? Give your staff and patients relief by integrating an automated accounts receivable solution with online payment options. These tools will speed up payment collection, simplify the process, provide better accuracy, and keep your practice alert to payment status.

With an Automated Accounts Receivable solution, you’ll have these advantages:

  • Fast-paced payments 
  • Patients receive payment link via text/email
  • Say goodbye to late payments
  • Track balances easily:
  • Integrated with Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft

3. Stress-Free Insurance Eligibility

Imagine an office life without the insurance headaches. It’s been achieved by dental practices across the US and can be the door to relief you’ve been waiting for. The biggest stress factors when it comes to insurance verification include the following:

  • Time-Consumer
  • Stress-Causer
  • Prone to costly errors
  • Inefficient and not always reliable
  • Claim denials and delays
  • Long Patient Wait time

Automated Insurance Verification has improved the process for dental staff and patients by boosting the speed of attaining eligibility reports, reliability, and acceptability of claims. With over 180 integrated payers, verification can be done within seconds, allowing better use of time for patient care.

Some of the benefits dental practices enjoy with Automated Insurance Verification include:

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduces Denials and Delays of Claims
  • Verification within seconds
  • Less wait time for patients
  • Integrates with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental
  • Prevents unexpected out-of-pocket charges
  • Ability to upload patients’ eligibility reports to their charts automatically in your EMR

4. 24/7 Accessible Online Scheduling

Still making patients call your office to book an appointment? If so, you’re missing a huge chunk of new patient opportunities. Online appointment scheduling software solves the problem by empowering patients to schedule appointments on their own time, without the hassles of being placed on hold or the back and forth of finding a slot that works. 

Patients and staff enjoy the following benefits of Online Scheduling:

  • Convenient, and takes the workload off staff
  • Perfect solution for front desk staff shortage
  • No More Tedious Phone Calls
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction
  • Integration with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental
  • Office phone # used for SMS Services
  • Enables Patients to Book Appointments Online 24/7

5. Cutting Down the Wait Time 

Cutting Down the Wait Time

Waiting room time is a dreaded reality for patients. To alleviate their woes, provide innovative processes that eliminate wait time. Optimizing office operations by streamlining will improve patient satisfaction, staff productivity, and overall efficiency. Going paperless eliminates the need for paper forms, scanning, or manual transfer of information by staff.

Thousands of offices have enjoyed a 35% reduction in documentation time, and improved their bottom line by embracing digital solutions for their intake process, insurance verification, billing, scheduling, and so much more. 


The 5 ingredients for a successful dental practice will help you attain what many dental practices only dream of. You’ll enjoy growing exponentially with a solid patient base, better patient experience, and happier staff.

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