5 Advantages of Online Patient Intake Forms


February 7, 2022


Ever feel like paper forms are a burden for your practice? Maybe you’ve researched a bit about digital forms, but are still uncertain?

As technology advances, dental offices have the ability to automate operational tasks, boost efficiency and save the environment. Let’s go over 5 main benefits of embracing online patient intake forms that’ll keep your practice growing.

With the innovation of customizable online patient intake forms, redundant and tedious tasks can be virtually eliminated from office administrators' already-busy schedules, freeing up time to focus on better one-on-one patient communication and top quality care.


What if you could save 15-30 minutes per patient during check-in? Going digital with patient forms is a sure way to get it done. Dentists using online forms state that a few major benefits include: a significant improvement in time management, boosted efficiency, and saving time for both staff and patients.

Online forms streamline operations and reduce front desk operations by approximately 30%, taking the workload off team members, and enabling patients to complete forms from home. It also allows your team time to provide excellent patient relations for a positive patient experience.

Eliminate Manual Operations

In traditional dental offices still using paper forms, staff spend most of their day performing time-consuming data entry, searching for missing charts, shredding, scanning, making copies, and other paper-related tasks. This leaves staff with little time to provide patients with the individualized attention and open communication they’re wanting.

Online patient forms eliminate these common problems that are attached to paper forms. With online patient forms, you no longer need to worry about data entry errors, or waiting on patients to complete paper forms manually in the office.

Patient Convenience

Digitizing the check-in process gives patients the convenience of being able to complete online forms remotely, including capturing IDs, Insurance cards, and important documents. For patients who prefer filling out digital forms in-office, they can easily do so directly on a branded iPad App at the time of their appointment.

Once patients complete the forms, and upload important documents, they can electronically sign, and submit the forms. Submitted forms integrate with major practice management systems like Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft software, making it a breeze for offices to review and approve the forms.

Reduce Office Expenses

One of the commonly overlooked benefits of online patient intake forms is the reduction in long-term expenses. Dental offices using paper forms spend thousands of dollars annually on paper-related office supplies.

Paperless dental offices experience a huge reduction in expenses, since fax machines, copiers, ink cartridges, paper, and other paper related items are no longer needed. Switching to online forms is a perfect investment that saves thousands of dollars on paper-related expenses, and boosts revenue multifold.

Better Overall Satisfaction

Online patient forms create satisfied patients and happy team members. The ease and simplicity of operations with online forms is a win-win for all. Boosted staff productivity, less tedious administrative work, reduced waiting room time for patients, and a stress-free environment all result from making the switch to a digital practice.


The benefits of switching to online patient intake forms have been raved about by thousands of dental offices nationwide, making it too great of a tool to pass up. By automating your front desk operational tasks, your staff and patients will love you. Grow your practice with online patient intake forms, and say goodbye to redundant and tedious administrative work. Learn more about how mConsent’s Online Patient Forms will help your practice. 

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