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6 Benefits of a Dental Consent Form in Your Practice [Infographics]


February 19, 2024


Receiving timely and accurate dental consent forms are pivotal to successful treatment of patients and ultimately lead to the success of your dental practice. Imagine the time and effort you can save in your front office operations by receiving completed dental consent forms prior to the treatment.

From protecting provider data to ensuring patient understanding, here are 6 ways dental consent forms can benefit your practice:

  1. Informed decision making by patients due to better knowledge about the diagnosis, risks and benefits associated with the treatment.
  2. Better quality patient care through better awareness of mutual expectations.
  3. Transparent and well documented communication between the care provider and patient.
  4. Legal protection for the care provider incase of any unseen complications in the treatment.
  5. Enhanced coordination between multiple specialists and providers through evaluating pertinent information for creating the most suitable treatment plan.
  6. Efficient and error free front office operations through remote completion, e-signing, submission and integration of the approved information into your practice management system.

Read more to know how your dental practice can improve compliance and efficiency by going paperless with mConsent.

infographic_6 Benefits of a Dental Consent Form in Your Practice
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