What are 5 Key Benefits of Dental Offices Going Paperless?


August 27, 2020




Switching to a paperless dental office has many advantages. Your dental practice will become more efficient, reduce long-term expenses, present an organized appearance to clients, enable patients to complete forms remotely, and help save the environment. Below are the 5 Key Benefits of Dental Offices Going Paperless.

1. Efficiency & Convenience

A major drawback of using paper forms is the amount of time spent in filling out, verifying illegible handwriting, filing, organizing, securing and searching for stored forms. As every dentist is aware, a significant amount of time is lost daily looking for paper files. This is simplified with digital innovation. All forms and patient documents will be readily available at your fingertips.

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Patients routinely rush while filling out forms, leading to interpretation errors and incorrect system input. Paperless forms save dentists the constant headache of trying to ensure accuracy of patient information. Lastly, staff members spend a significant portion of their work time searching for lost patient files. With innovative dental digital software, all patient files are securely stored and conveniently accessible within seconds.

Digital software is not only a tremendous time-saving tool for personnel, but also for patients. Patients dread long wait times at dental offices. By going paperless, your front office will save an estimated 15 minutes per patient. This is a significant amount of time that will certainly increase favorable patient reviews along with improving office productivity.

2. Long-term Cost reduction

Initially dentists may feel hesitant to switch to digital forms due to the costs, but it’s imperative to keep in mind the long-term investment savings. Typical office items used for paper forms, such as copy machines, printers, ink cartridges, fax machines, file cabinets, file folders, paper, and desk items all add to office expenses.

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With digital software, these expenses would dramatically decrease. Receptionists and staff members would also truly enjoy the benefits of having state-of-the-art technology that relieves them from the constant stresses involved with handling paper forms.

3. Patients can complete forms remotely

An easy way to attract patients is to provide them with the convenience of digital forms that can be completed in the comfort of their own home. Being able to fill out forms remotely before coming to the dental office gives patients peace of mind.

They won’t have to worry about remembering to bring their medication list, previous dental records, or insurance card to the exam because all of the information would have already been digitally input and received by the dentist. mConsent’s software allows patients to digitally scan documents, including ID cards, insurance cards, health records, medication lists and more.

mConsent also provides a library of forms for dentists to choose from, including standard intake forms, consent, medical history and customized forms. Once patients complete forms at home, they electronically sign and submit, sending it directly to the dentist for review. mConsent’s digital patient forms make the process simple for patients and dentists.

4. Organization & Appeal

When patients walk into a dental practice that looks high-tech, organized, and clean, their immediate impression will be overwhelmingly positive. Embracing digital technology will give your office a contemporary appeal along with keeping it free of desk clutter and overcrowded file cabinets. Cleanliness not only improves the outlook of your office, but also significantly improves the mood of office employees.

5. Becoming Eco-friendly

Statistically, the average dental office uses 17 reams of paper annually (equivalent to one tree). Turning to paperless options will considerably reduce the number of trees being cut down. Noticeably, the vast majority of consumers are becoming environmentally conscious, and one of the easiest ways to appeal to “green” consumers is to also become ecologically friendly.

Regardless of whether we want to attract generation X or conservatives as prospective patients, the more “green” our office appears, the better image we’ll develop overall. State-of-the-art digital technology can vastly enhance the image of your dental practice and help save the planet simultaneously. 


Dentists who switch to paperless offices gain a plethora of benefits that help sustain their offices persistently, and also improve patient base. Digital forms will substantially simplify and secure the input and transfer of patient data and forms, save valuable time for patients and personnel, and greatly reduce long-term office expenses.

Paperless offices contribute to ecological conservation, saving thousands of trees annually. By switching to digital forms your office will serve as a magnet for clients looking for an efficient, organized, modern dental office.

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