5 Benefits of Digital Invoicing for Dental Practices: How mConsent Streamlines Patient Billing


May 10, 2023




For dental offices, handling accounts receivable can be a real pain. Trying to gather payments from patients while sending reminders and keeping track of unpaid invoices can be frustrating. Digital invoicing, fortunately, can simplify the billing procedure and make it simpler for dental practices to handle their accounts receivable.

We'll discuss five advantages of digital invoicing for dental practices in this article.

Quicker Payments

Quicker payments

The ability to expedite payments is one of the main advantages of digital billing. Patients can quickly and easily make payments online when bills are sent electronically. Traditional paper invoicing, which can take days or even weeks for patients to receive, review, and reply to, is much slower than this.

Faster payments enable dental offices to collect revenue more rapidly, enhancing cash flow and lowering the possibility of missed payments.

Improved Precision 

Increasing precision is another advantage of digital invoicing. The patient information, billing amounts, and other specifics may be incorrect on traditional paper invoices.

By obtaining patient data straight from the practice management system, digital invoicing eliminates these mistakes and guarantees that invoices are accurate and current. This can save dental offices time and money, as well as lower the possibility of customer disputes or confusion.

Better Communication

Digital invoicing helps dental offices and their clients communicate more effectively. By using digital invoices, practices are able to contact patients directly via email or text message with reminders, follow-ups, and other interactions.

This can lessen the likelihood of missed payments or late fees and makes it simpler to keep patients updated on the state of their accounts. Additionally, improved patient satisfaction can foster more enduring bonds and greater loyalty.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

Streamlined Record-Keeping

For dental offices, digital invoicing can also simplify record-keeping. It can be challenging to keep track of invoices, payments, and other account information when using printed invoices. However, digital invoicing automatically monitors and logs each invoice and payment in the practice administration system.

This can also make reporting and invoicing data analysis simpler for dental practices, making it easy for them to stay organized and on top of their accounts receivable.

Integration with Practice Management Software

mConsent's digital invoicing solution's integration with well-liked practice management programs like Open Dental, Eaglesoft, and Dentrix is one of its greatest advantages. By using this integration, dental practices can easily manage their accounts receivable and billing in one location without having to switch between different systems or manually input data.

Additionally, the integration offers features that can speed up the invoicing process and boost collections, such as automatic payment posting, real-time account updates, and others.


For dental offices seeking to enhance their accounts receivable management, digital invoicing is a potent tool. Dental practices can save time and money, reduce errors, and increase collections with the aid of practice management software integration, quicker payments, improved accuracy, better communication, streamlined record-keeping, and other advantages.

With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and integration with popular practice management software, mConsent's digital invoicing solution is an especially strong choice. Dental practices can streamline their billing procedures, increase collections, and improve customer satisfaction by implementing digital invoicing.

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