Benefits of Virtual Dental Consultation


July 8, 2021




With the majority of patients being tech-savvy and looking for the most advanced options available today, virtual consults provide dentists and potential patients with the perfect opportunity to connect and gain numerous benefits, which we’ll discuss in this blog.

1. Saves Valuable Chair Time

One of the main benefits of Virtual Dental Consultations is the drastic reduction in chair time. Having the ability to connect before in-office visits saves a whopping amount of time for dentists, staff and prospective patients. It’s been proven that most patients prefer dentists who offer free initial virtual consults over those who don’t.

Why? Simple answer… patients love valuable tools offered for free, in addition to the convenience of sending in selfies of their teeth, having a quick pre-screening, and being able to engage via live videos to discuss the recommended treatment options with the dentist from home, before committing to an in-office appointment.

Virtual Consult

Patients want to make sure they’ve got positive vibes, cost estimates, and a timeline for treatments ahead of time. Why not save chair time and give your patients the convenience they’re looking for? Virtual Dentistry benefits both patients and dental practices.

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2. High Conversion Rate

Virtual Consults have an impressive conversion rate that’ll give you a boost in re-establishing solid patient volume post-COVID, and reverse the revenue loss from COVID. Most everyone these days enjoys the convenience of being able to use technology in new ways for evaluating potential dentists.

Patients who are given the opportunity to initially connect with the dentist via a free virtual consult, are much more likely to commit to an in-office appointment for further consultation and treatment.

One of the Advantages with Virtual Dental Consultations is that they are super easy for patients, and serve as a promising tool to attract prospects, pre-screen, directly connect, and determine the best treatment options available for potential patients.

3. Personal Connection

Of the many benefits of Virtual Dental Consultation, putting patients at ease and giving them the opportunity to get clarification on anything that might hold them back, ranks at the top.

Patients have the opportunity to see the tentative treatment plan, get cost estimates, and develop trust prior to even stepping in the office. One-on-one engagement via live video interactions and recordings puts a patient’s fear of the dentist at ease.

You can even record personalized videos to add uniqueness and reassurance. No more hesitant, anxious patients wondering if they selected the right dentist. With virtual consults, they can rest assured that they’re in the best hands.

4. Affordable & Fully Secure

Dentists crave solutions that are affordable, fully secured, 100% HIPAA compliant, and promising. With virtual consults you’ll get all that and so much more. All messaging and communication is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Who doesn’t want the convenience and ability to interact with video interactions, along with building excellent rapport with prospective clients? It’s the perfect bundle with favorable results. Affordability and Security are amongst the top Benefits of Virtual Dental Consultation.


Opening the door for your patients to consult with you virtually, will bring countless benefits. Virtual Dentistry benefits include the ease of use, and tremendous amount of time saved for dentists, staff and patients.

Data has shown that patients who initially consult with dentists virtually are highly likely to convert to in-office patients, boosting your practice revenue. Having the opportunity to personally engage one-on-one with potential patients gives them reassurance and an opportunity to establish trust before setting foot in your office.

mConsent’s trusted virtual consults are affordable for dentists, reliable, and fully secured, so you get the best package available.

Learn more about the benefits of Virtual Dental Consultation with mConsent, and how to optimize your practice with mConsent’s additional features including Paperless Dental Forms, Dental Consent Forms, and more. 

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