Best Integrations for your Dentrix Dental Software


September 21, 2022


Want to know how you can scale up to maximize integrations with your Dentrix Dental Software? Of course, you do!

The big question lies in - what is it that patients are wanting most from your office that can be streamlined to sync with your Dentrix Dental software? The answer is - more than you expected. We’ll go over the topmost features that patients want to see digitized for improved speed, accuracy, and convenience.

Integrated Patient Forms

Online patient intake forms are one of the highest-rated features patients want to see offered by their dentist, that fully integrates into your Dentrix Dental software. The reason for the high demand involves the faster speed of information transfer, better accuracy, and no more hassles of in-office paperwork.

Are we saying that patients are tired of paper forms? Absolutely! With more than half of patients preferring access to online forms, patients have clearly voiced their stance. 

Online patient forms shave away 35% of documentation time for dental practices and improve patient satisfaction 40X. The convenience of being able to complete forms online, capture IDs, insurance cards, photos, etc, and e-sign treatment plans from home, is astounding for patients.

The simplicity of having the patient’s medical history and demographics auto-upload is a huge time-saver. The entire intake process becomes seamless and perfectly integrated into your Dentrix Dental software. For your front office, this means less juggling of administrative work and more time for better quality patient care.

The integration of online patient intake forms with Dentrix Dental software not only streamlines administrative tasks but also enhances the overall patient experience, making it one of the best Dentrix integrations for dental practices. This seamless integration ensures a smoother workflow for both patients and staff, leading to increased efficiency and improved patient satisfaction.

iPad App for the Office

iPad for Office

Every dental practice has patients who prefer to complete forms in the office. They haven’t been forgotten. In fact, a customized iPad App has been developed to accommodate their wishes without compromising front office efficiency or losing the seamless integration into your Dentrix Dental software.

Directly on the iPad, patients can complete forms, e-sign treatment plans, digitally capture their ID, insurance card, photo, etc, and be completely done with it in half the time! Their medical history and patient demographics will auto upload, reducing the need for re-entering information.

For front office staff, the iPad app does away with worries from paperwork including printer jams, desk clutter, clipboards, scanning, manual data entries, and lost charts. The iPad app is an effective way to cut down waiting room time by 80%, and prevents your front office from being held back by the demands of paperwork.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Ever wonder why people are no-shows? Forgetfulness is a primary factor. To cut out no-shows for good, dental practices have been taking on automated appointment reminders with 2-way texting capabilities. To bring back overdue patients, an automated recall system has proven effective.

Patients love SMS/email reminders, which typically pop up as a notification on their smartphone, so they can easily stay on top of appointments. No phone calls are needed. 

Front office staff enjoy the improved productivity that comes with auto-appointment reminders. They simply customize messages, schedule when to auto-send, and no longer need to worry about it. Patients can reply back to SMS and email messages, either to confirm, reschedule, or cancel.

It doesn’t get much easier than this for patients and staff. Automation simplifies the process, boosting show up rates within 2 weeks.

2-Way SMS

2 Way SMS

What’s the number one communication channel for over 80% of your patients? The answer is SMS. Text messaging has become so commonly used every day, that it has dominated traditional phone calls. What does this mean for dental practices that want to engage patients?

Empower patients with an open communication channel using SMS. Let patients ask questions, send documents, receive notifications, and so forth, through their smartphones. It provides the convenience and accessibility patients love.

Fast Insurance Eligibility Reports

Is there any nuisance that drives your front office up the wall more than trying to get quick verification on a patient’s insurance status? It’s a common problem that creates irritation for patients as well. A faster solution than phone calls has been created to bring relief to dental practices - “automated insurance verification” with over 180 integrated payers.

What it means for you - within 10 seconds you can have patient eligibility reports uploaded into your Dentrix Dental software. How sweet is that! 

Not only is speed a huge benefit of automated insurance verification, but also the accuracy and reliability of the information. It reduces claim delays and denials drastically, sparing your office the embarrassment of surprise patient billing.

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

Are you missing 20% of new patient calls? That’s the staggering percentage of new opportunities typical dental practices miss out on. The remedy for this is none other than giving patients the freedom to schedule appointments online at their own convenience.

24/7 access from any device, remotely, is a total win for patient ease, and the perfect way for dental practices to avoid missed opportunities. 

Reputation Management

Does your online reputation really matter these days? Without a doubt it does! The first place patients go to check out your practice is none other than Google reviews. Positive reviews leave good vibes which makes them more comfortable seeking your care. Negative reviews, on the other hand, can damage your reputation and lower your patient conversion. 

Doubling your 5-star Google reviews is attainable with “Reputation Management” software. At check out, a patient receives an auto-sent SMS message requesting a rating/review. Good reviews are posted on Google and your own website, whereas negative reviews are sent an internal survey to resolve concerns.

Integration of Reputation Management with your Dentrix Dental practice management software means you’ll instantly be able to see all submitted reviews/ratings directly from your dashboard. Within just a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to double or triple your 5-star reviews. 


Finding the best integrations for your Dentrix Dental practice management software is made easy when you know what your patients are looking for. Automating administrative tasks will simplify processes, and give patients the ultimate convenience they’re expecting from your office.

From online patient intake forms to fast insurance verification, patients take notice of all the ways your practice prioritizes their care and time. Find out how mConsent’s digital solutions can provide the best integrations for your Dentrix Dental practice management software.

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