Advances in Presbyopia-Correcting Treatments for Patients

Presbyopia, the age-related hardening of the crystalline lens that gradually impacts every patient by reducing near and intermediate focusing ability, has an expanding arsenal of advanced treatment options to address this extremely common vision condition. In this blog, we will explore the latest technologies and techniques available for correcting presbyopia.  By leveraging these emerging solutions, […]

Myopia Management in Children: Slowing Progression with New Treatments

Childhood myopia has reached epidemic levels globally, with rapidly increasing prevalence and severity. This profound myopia significantly elevates risk for irreversible vision loss from retinal damage, glaucoma, cataracts and other ocular diseases later in life.  However, emerging treatments are giving optometrists new tools to slow myopia progression during childhood – providing hope for a generation […]

Expanding Your Optometry Practice: 12 Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Building a thriving optometry practice takes clinical skill, business acumen, and strategic planning. In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, pursuing intentional and consistent growth allows optometrists to maximize their impact and financial sustainability. This article outlines 12 proven strategies for expanding your patient base, service offerings, reputation, and revenues over time. 1. Offer Specialty Optometry Services […]

How to be an Efficient Dental Practice with Paperless Dental Forms [Infographics]

In this day and age, almost everything is available at the touch of a button. Whether it’s shopping online, paying bills digitally, or filling out forms remotely, Smartphones, computers, and software development have truly opened the door of opportunity in how we go about daily operations. When it comes to your Dental practice, consider yourself […]

Eyes on the Prize: Advancements in Pediatric Optometry Services

Providing comprehensive eye care to infants and children requires specialized approaches and tools. Pediatric patients have unique needs due to challenges with cooperation, communication, and accurate testing. Fortunately, recent innovations are equipping optometrists with better technologies and techniques to enhance pediatric vision care. Implementing these advancements will help optometrists detect issues sooner, slow progression of […]

Optometry Innovations: What the Future Holds for Eye Care Offices

The field of optometry is constantly evolving with new technologies and techniques that improve patient examinations, eye health management, and vision correction options. As an eye doctor, your aim is to provide the highest quality vision care using the most advanced tools and treatments available. Recent innovations in everything from diagnostic equipment to contact lens […]

Get Patients to Say “Yes” to Your Treatment Plan: 15 Tips for Dentists

As dental professionals, you want patients to accept your recommended treatment plans in order to provide the best possible oral health care. However, patients may decline or hesitate for many reasons like cost, anxiety, low perceived value, or lack of understanding. This can be frustrating when we know the treatments are necessary.  The good news […]

Top Technologies Shaping Modern Optometry Offices

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, the world of optometry is experiencing a profound transformation fueled by the integration of innovative technologies. These advancements aren’t just limited to diagnostics and patient care; they are significantly enhancing the efficiency of daily operations within optometry practices. This article delves into the top technologies that are reshaping modern […]

Can Your Dental Patients Find You on Google? Do This One Thing Now

In the age of digital technology, the first place your potential patients turn to when seeking dental services is the internet. More specifically, they use search engines like Google to find a nearby dentist. This makes your online presence crucial for attracting new patients and retaining current ones. In this blog, we will explore the […]

Low-Cost Dental Marketing Ideas That Work

In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, marketing your dental practice is essential to ensure a steady flow of patients and growth. However, the cost of marketing can be a significant concern for many dental professionals, especially those with smaller practices or those just starting their careers. The good news is that effective dental marketing doesn’t […]




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