Get That Yes! 6 Tips to Help Your Patient Accept a Treatment Plan

“Maybe next time.” As a dentist, few phrases make you cringe more than hearing a patient decline your meticulously crafted treatment plan. Despite your A+ diagnostics and recommendation, that sought-after “yes” remains elusive.  But don’t despair! With the right skills and scripting, you can level up your case presentation game and convince even the most […]

Attracting New Patients: 15 Marketing Tactics for Growing Optometry Practices

How are your marketing strategies working? Implementing a strategic mix of marketing initiatives is crucial for continually attracting new patients and fueling practice growth. Here are 15 proven tactics to boost your optometry practice: 1. Update Your Website   Your website is often the first impression prospective patients get of your optometry practice. Make sure […]

4 Ways To Grow Case Acceptance And Revenue In Your Dental Practice

Facing resistance from patients when presenting treatment plans? You’re not alone. Surveys show that case acceptance remains a major struggle for many dental practices – often hovering around 50%. Low case acceptance directly impacts your bottom line and ability to provide optimal care. But with the right strategy and scripting, you can dramatically boost patients […]

Overcoming the Biggest Obstacles to Treatment Plan Acceptance

Getting patients to approve recommended dental treatment plans is essential for growing a thriving, profitable practice. However, many obstacles commonly deter patients from moving forward with ideal proposed care. Cost concerns, misunderstanding the value of procedures, confusing plan presentations, overlooked urgency, and general anxiety are some of the biggest barriers dentists face when seeking treatment […]

Essential Steps in Improving Dental Treatment Plan Acceptance Rates

Getting patients to accept and move forward with recommended dental treatment plans is one of the most challenging yet crucial elements in running a successful, growing dental practice. Far too often, patients decline or put off necessary treatments due to cost concerns, lack of perceived value, poor presentation of treatment plans, misunderstandings, and more. Dentists […]

Streamlining Workflow to improve Treatment Plan Acceptance

A top goal for every dental practice is getting more patients to say “yes” to recommended treatment plans. But achieving higher acceptance rates relies on more than just strengthening your consultative skills. You must also streamline administrative workflows to enable staff to focus time on building rapport with patients. When dental teams get bogged down […]

Advances in Presbyopia-Correcting Treatments for Patients

Presbyopia, the age-related hardening of the crystalline lens that gradually impacts every patient by reducing near and intermediate focusing ability, has an expanding arsenal of advanced treatment options to address this extremely common vision condition. In this blog, we will explore the latest technologies and techniques available for correcting presbyopia.  By leveraging these emerging solutions, […]

Myopia Management in Children: Slowing Progression with New Treatments

Childhood myopia has reached epidemic levels globally, with rapidly increasing prevalence and severity. This profound myopia significantly elevates risk for irreversible vision loss from retinal damage, glaucoma, cataracts and other ocular diseases later in life.  However, emerging treatments are giving optometrists new tools to slow myopia progression during childhood – providing hope for a generation […]

Expanding Your Optometry Practice: 12 Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Building a thriving optometry practice takes clinical skill, business acumen, and strategic planning. In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, pursuing intentional and consistent growth allows optometrists to maximize their impact and financial sustainability. This article outlines 12 proven strategies for expanding your patient base, service offerings, reputation, and revenues over time. 1. Offer Specialty Optometry Services […]

How to be an Efficient Dental Practice with Paperless Dental Forms [Infographics]

In this day and age, almost everything is available at the touch of a button. Whether it’s shopping online, paying bills digitally, or filling out forms remotely, Smartphones, computers, and software development have truly opened the door of opportunity in how we go about daily operations. When it comes to your Dental practice, consider yourself […]




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