6 Reasons Why Your Optometry Office Should Go Paperless?

Going paperless will bring multiple benefits to your optometry practice. We’ll go over six major advantages of switching to digital software, like automated forms and electronic charts. 1. Built-in Security & HIPAA Compliant Maintaining HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality can be an overwhelming task for optometrists who use paper forms and charts. A simple, cost-effective […]

What are 5 Simple Steps for Optometrists to Go Paperless?

Boosting your optometry practice with paperless technology has never been easier! mConsent simplifies the process of converting to digital patient forms by providing you with an easy-to-follow online dashboard and readily available tools at your fingertips. Embracing automated forms means no more hassle of paper forms or scanning of patient documents into your system. We […]

Go Paperless

And Improve Practice Efficiency


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