Essential Steps in Improving Dental Treatment Plan Acceptance Rates

Getting patients to accept and move forward with recommended dental treatment plans is one of the most challenging yet crucial elements in running a successful, growing dental practice. Far too often, patients decline or put off necessary treatments due to cost concerns, lack of perceived value, poor presentation of treatment plans, misunderstandings, and more. Dentists […]

Streamlining Workflow to improve Treatment Plan Acceptance

A top goal for every dental practice is getting more patients to say “yes” to recommended treatment plans. But achieving higher acceptance rates relies on more than just strengthening your consultative skills. You must also streamline administrative workflows to enable staff to focus time on building rapport with patients. When dental teams get bogged down […]

Top 4 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Paperless Dental Software [Infographics]

Dental Software has become the hottest trend for dental offices since the onset of COVID. Streamlining office operations makes running the administrative and business aspects of a dental practice 20x easier. Dental Software provides features that give autonomy to office staff, freeing them from mundane laborious tasks, so their time can be better spent on […]

Get Patients to Say “Yes” to Your Treatment Plan: 15 Tips for Dentists

As dental professionals, you want patients to accept your recommended treatment plans in order to provide the best possible oral health care. However, patients may decline or hesitate for many reasons like cost, anxiety, low perceived value, or lack of understanding. This can be frustrating when we know the treatments are necessary.  The good news […]

How to overcome 10 Common Challenges of Patient Check-Ins for Dental Practices

The patient check-in process is a crucial first touchpoint that sets the tone for the entire dental visit experience. Yet many practices still rely on antiquated paper check-ins that create frustrations for patients and staff alike with long waits, cluttered paperwork, and inefficient workflows. Transitioning to automated digital self-check-in technology can transform this process by […]

Top Technologies Shaping Modern Optometry Offices

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, the world of optometry is experiencing a profound transformation fueled by the integration of innovative technologies. These advancements aren’t just limited to diagnostics and patient care; they are significantly enhancing the efficiency of daily operations within optometry practices. This article delves into the top technologies that are reshaping modern […]

Don’t Ignore Social Media to Market Your Dental Practice – 3 Expert Hacks

In today’s digital age, the significance of social media in marketing and promoting businesses cannot be overstated. Dentists often underestimate the power of social media for their practice, believing that it’s not as relevant in the healthcare industry. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Social media is a dynamic platform that can be […]

Can Your Dental Patients Find You on Google? Do This One Thing Now

In the age of digital technology, the first place your potential patients turn to when seeking dental services is the internet. More specifically, they use search engines like Google to find a nearby dentist. This makes your online presence crucial for attracting new patients and retaining current ones. In this blog, we will explore the […]

Low-Cost Dental Marketing Ideas That Work

In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, marketing your dental practice is essential to ensure a steady flow of patients and growth. However, the cost of marketing can be a significant concern for many dental professionals, especially those with smaller practices or those just starting their careers. The good news is that effective dental marketing doesn’t […]

How Do You Ask Dental Patients for Reviews [Infographics]

Nearly every consumer checks dental office reviews before choosing a dentist. Having sufficient positive reviews attracts patients. The good news is most patients are happy to leave positive reviews for dentists who provide excellent care if given the opportunity. Here are effective strategies to get more dental patient reviews: Finding the right time to ask […]




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