Why Are Dental Appointment Reminders Important?


July 13, 2021


Dentists are quickly turning to efficient, promising solutions for appointment reminders. Let’s go over 4 important reasons why automated Dental practice appointment reminders have won dentists over.

1. Drastically Reduces No-Shows & Boosts Revenue

If there’s one thing that all dentists have in common, it’s their frustration with patients who don’t show up for scheduled appointments. No-shows negatively affect office revenue and eat up time slots that could have been given to another patient.

Since profits directly correlate with patient inflow, resolving the dilemma of no-shows could make or break a dental office. Thousands of dentists have turned to automated Dental appointment reminders as a promised solution, and are raving about how drastic of an improvement they’re experiencing.

2. Minimizes Staff Workload

Dentists are discovering the importance of dental practice patient appointment reminders, and benefiting from a huge cutback in the amount of work needed from front office staff. No more calling patients with appointment reminders means available time for better one-on-one patient care.

Automated appointment reminders are easy to set up, taking just a few seconds to personalize a message and send a link for intake forms to be completed. Patients receive the reminders and link for intake forms via SMS and/or email according to the dentist's preferred time frame (eg. a week/day/hour prior to the appointment). It’s proven to boost productivity of staff due to its simplicity and quick setup. 

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3. Improves Customer Satisfaction

With busy schedules, all of us can relate to patients who simply forget about appointments. Due to the high number of spam calls, most patients don’t even answer unknown phone numbers. Why waste time making empty calls that go unanswered.

It’s proven that patients check their text messages and emails at a higher rate than voice messages. Most have notifications set up for text messages/emails to pop-up on their screen. Automated dental practice appointment reminders feed on this and boost your success rate multifold.  Patients will love you for the convenience, and for not annoying them with persistent phone calls. 

4. Affordable & Accurate

One of the greatest advantages that dentists rave about when it comes to Dental patient appointment reminder software, is how easily affordable and reliable it is. Practitioners truly get the biggest bang for their buck.

On top of that is the high level of reliability and accuracy received. No more reminding staff to call patients a day prior to appointments or worrying if families who booked back-to-back slots will show up. SMS confirmations allow 2-way texting, which means patients can confirm with the click of a button.

Intake forms can also be sent to patients with the appointment reminder. You’ll receive immediate notification, giving you ample time to fill in any appointment cancelations. With SMS appointment reminders, you can’t go wrong.

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Patients love the convenience of quick and easy Dental practice appointment reminders, and are more likely to remember and show up for their scheduled appointments on time. Missed appointments mean lost revenue.

With automated SMS reminders you’ll have less to worry about, as patients won’t forget their appointments. The instant communication from 2-way texting provides you with patient’s confirmation ASAP.

mConsent’s automated appointment reminders are simple, fast, and cost-effective. Join the many dentists embracing automated Dental practice appointment reminders. Take a minute to learn about mConsent’s other in-demand platforms, including Paperless consent forms, insurance verification, digital billing, and more

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