3 Reasons Dentists are Turning to
Fast Insurance Verification Software


February 3, 2022


How long does insurance eligibility verification take your front desk staff? If it’s more than 10 seconds, you’re missing out on a new tool that can save your office hours each day. Real-time Insurance Eligibility Verification has gained traction with dental offices like wildfire. Let’s go over three main reasons dentists are welcoming insurance verification software with open arms.

Insurance Verification Software

(1) Huge Time-Saver

Is there a practical solution to minimize the tedious phone calls with insurance companies? There is now! With real-time insurance verification, you can have eligibility reports at your fingertips in 10 seconds or less. It saves massive amounts of time that can be used to provide better quality patient care. Just a few clicks of a button is all it takes, from any location, at any time. This innovative tool relieves patients and dentists from the frustrations associated with manual insurance verification.

Insurance verification software is designed to take the edge off administrative burdens, reducing 30% of front desk time spent on stressful tasks. It stamps out the manual backbreaking work that hampers productivity. On top of this, patients benefit with 40% reduction in waiting room time. Real-time insurance verification also proactively prevents mishaps before they can occur, reducing billing errors, claim delays, and denials.

(2) Affordable and Secure

Innovative technology that’s easily affordable for dentists is a win-win for all. Maintaining patient confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations is of utmost importance. Digital insurance eligibility verification prioritizes patient privacy by fully securing data with end-to-end encryption. Combining affordability, security, convenience, and speed, tie together in giving dentists a promising solution to save time and money.

(3) No More Insurance Hassles

Manual insurance verification is a total headache for patients and your administrative team. Dentists who have turned to insurance verification software have reported major upticks in efficiency, productivity, and relief for staff. Real-time insurance verification is easily accessible, user-friendly, and can even be checked on the spot.

It only takes a few clicks to get the patient’s eligibility status, and pull up all recent verifications. Integration with Opendental, Eaglesoft, and Dentrix, along with over 178 major insurance carriers makes information available quickly, and reduces errors that delay patient care and practice payments. Patients and staff enjoy the hassle-free experience that comes with insurance verification software.


Innovative insurance eligibility verification has brought a much needed advancement that dental offices have been awaiting. It transforms the process by providing insurance eligibility reports on demand, optimizing practice efficiency, productivity, and revenue. Convenience, affordability, speed, and integration with major insurance providers, makes digital insurance verification a promising solution for dental practices. Learn how mConsent’s insurance verification platform can help your practice.

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