How to make the most of your Dolphin Management Software


September 13, 2022




Can your patients complete intake forms online that directly integrate into your Dolphin Management Software? No, you say… Well, you’re in for a treat! You can now provide patients with the convenience that’ll have them singing in the shower, and give your office manager something to rejoice about, with Dolphin-integrated paperless solutions.

From consent forms to automated appointment reminders, you’ll wonder why you never thought to add integrated digital solutions to your practice. Let’s dive deeper into specific features you don’t want to close the door on.

Integrated Intake Forms

What will paperless forms bring to the table - you ask? It starts with a 35% reduction in documentation time and goes beyond a 40X improvement in patient satisfaction - all in just two weeks' time.

Paperless intake and consent forms have been widely recognized as the most patient-preferred option for dental practices. Not only can they be completed remotely from any device, but they place patients in the driver’s seat, and eliminate the potential for human entry errors.

With the advantage of direct Dolphin Management Software integration, your front office no longer needs to stress over paper clutter, ink shortages, printer jams, manual data entries, missing signatures, or all the other headaches attached to paperwork. Traditional paper forms create havoc that no dental practice should have to wrestle with.

Integrated digital forms, democratize the process for your patients, empowering them with self-completion of forms at home, capturing IDs, insurance cards, photos, medication lists, etc, and have all of it transferred right into your Dolphin Management Software.

Yes, it’s really that easy! Your check-in process will be so seamless that your practice will become the talk of the town with new patients eager to try it out.

In-Office iPad App

Ipad App  

What about those patients who insist on filling out forms in the office? They’re totally covered - a customized iPad App allows them to complete and E-sign all consent and registration forms in a jiffy, capture required documentation, and integrate it all into Dolphin Management Software for a flawless check-in.

Your front desk is still spared the headaches of scanning, entering data, missing signatures, and so much more.

Auto Appointment Reminders with 2-way SMS

2 Way SMS  

Does anyone enjoy no-shows? They waste away potential spots for new patients and wreak havoc on your bottom line. Auto appointment reminders were created to put an end to the tiring phone tag game for both front office staff and patients.

This ingenious tool lets you customize reminders that reach patients via 2-way SMS effortlessly.  What does this mean for you? No more profits lost to no-shows. Period.

You can rest assured that your show-up rate will skyrocket within 2 weeks, and stay solid. For patients, text reminders are the most convenient, simple way to stay on top of appointments, and avoid the frustrations of phone calls.

They’ll be able to confirm with a quick text reply or reschedule/cancel if needed. Integration of auto appointment reminders with Dolphin Management Software means no extra work from your team.

You’ll be able to customize messages, schedule delivery dates, and receive status updates right from your dashboard. Technology is at your front doorstep to help you achieve what was once not even imaginable.


Making the most of your Dolphin Management Software means taking on integrated technological advancements that serve as your automated right hand. When you decide to do away with traditional manual systems and embrace the new future of digital systems, you’ll reap more benefits than you ever expected.

From the convenience of remote self-serve forms to boosting show-up rates within two weeks, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to hop on board. Find out how mConsent’s digital software helps your dental practice get the most out of your Dolphin Management Software.

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