Expanding Your Optometry Practice: 12 Strategies for Sustainable Growth


November 20, 2023


Building a thriving optometry practice takes clinical skill, business acumen, and strategic planning. In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, pursuing intentional and consistent growth allows optometrists to maximize their impact and financial sustainability.

This article outlines 12 proven strategies for expanding your patient base, service offerings, reputation, and revenues over time.

1. Offer Specialty Optometry Services

Offer Specialty Optometry Services

Expanding beyond routine eye exams into specialized services attracts new patients. Consider providing or getting advanced training in sports vision training, neuro-optometric rehabilitation for brain injuries, pediatric vision therapy, ocular disease treatment, or vision rehabilitation for low vision patients. Promote these unique services on your website, social media, advertisements, and office materials.

2. Embrace New Technologies

Investing in advanced technologies like digital refracting systems, OCT and retinal imaging tools, laser eye treatments, computerized visual field analyzers, and telehealth options makes your practice more competitive. It also improves clinical services and the patient experience. Promote your use of cutting-edge technologies.

3. Maximize Digital Marketing

Maximize Digital Marketing

Having a modern, mobile-friendly website along with engaging social media pages and targeted online advertising are essential for connecting with potential patients online.

Prioritize educating visitors on eye health and your services through blog posts, videos, and webinars. This attracts website traffic.

4. Offer Membership Plans

Offering wellness membership packages that bundle discounted exam fees, eyewear, and contact lens supplies encourages loyalty and repeat visits. Different pricing tiers appeal to a broad patient base. Automated renewal notices and reward reminders maintain engagement.

5. Train Your Optometric Team

Train Your Optometric Team

Investing in your team’s skills through ongoing training on new technologies, patient experiences, insurance procedures, and practice operations is key. Well-trained staff provide better service that keeps patients coming back.

6. Partner with Community Organizations

Coordinate with schools, community health centers, occupational health offices, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare agencies to provide on-site vision services. This exposes you to new patient pools in convenient settings.

7. Prioritize Ocular Wellness

Position your practice as supporting full ocular health rather than just vision correction. Educate patients on important screenings, monitoring, early interventions, and lifestyle management for conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye.

8. Offer Weekend and Evening Hours

Accommodating patient schedules with extended weekday and weekend hours expands your patient pool to busy working professionals and families. Promote your convenient hours.

9. Analyze Key Metrics

Analyze Key Metrics

Track practice data like new patients acquired, patient retention rate, service sales volumes, referral sources, appointment show rates, and revenue streams. Analyze trends to gain insights into successes, opportunities, and strategies.

10. Reward Patient Referrals

Offering incentives like gift cards when existing patients refer new patients, leverages word-of-mouth marketing. This incentivizes referrals. Send thank you notes recognizing valued referrers.

11. Survey Patients

Regular patient satisfaction surveys provide valuable feedback on their experience, vision needs, and how you can improve services. This helps enhance patient experiences.

12. Stay Visible in Your Community

Getting involved with local organizations, events, charities, and schools increases visibility and trust. Be a reliable resource on eye health for your community.


Growing an optometry practice requires dedication across clinical, technology, marketing, and service domains.

But strategic planning and execution yields major rewards in reach, reputation, and revenues. With a thoughtful, well-planned approach, your practice can flourish.

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