Expert Guide to Choose the Best Dental Keywords


May 14, 2024


In this blog we will explore how you can select the best dental keywords for taking your dental practice to the top of search engine results.

For many people starting fresh the most common question is how to select the ideal keywords for your practice. In this article you will learn about the process of choosing top dental keywords for boosting your SEO strategy. Now let’s get started.

Understanding Dental Keywords:

Let’s first recognise what dental keywords are before getting into the specifics of selecting the right ones.

Dental keywords are the terms and phrases that are specifically used by consumers to look for dental services online.

Search engines such as Google use these keywords to better understand your website’s content. It helps them decide the relevance of your content with respect to people’s search queries.

You can improve your website’s online visibility on search engines and bring more traffic to your dental office by optimising your website with the most appropriate dental keywords.

The Importance of Dental SEO Keywords:

In this section we will talk about why dental keywords are important for your dental business’s online visibility. Dental SEO keywords are used to create awareness and direct those people to your website who are actively looking for dental services within your area.

How to choose the Best Dental Keywords:

Next step is selecting the right keywords. How can you make the right choice?

What is the right way of selecting the most appropriate keywords for your dental practice?

First and foremost begin with comprehensive keyword research. Here’s what you can do:

1. Recognize Your Audience:

Recognize Your Audience

Keyword research begins with understanding your target audience. Build a buyer persona and ask yourself questions such as who do my customers represent? What are their dental requirements and concerns? You can use the audience profile for identifying the most relevant terms and phrases for your target audience.

2. Brainstorm Seed Keywords:

Terms like "dentist," "dental clinic," "teeth whitening," and "dental implants" can be your seed keywords. These are general terms that may be associated with your dental practice and the rest of your keyword list will be built around these seed keywords.

3. Use Keyword Research Tools:

Tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner can be used to conduct further in depth analysis of the list of seed keywords that are compiled. They can help you find more relevant keywords, analyse search volume and competition and gather insightful data about user behaviour.

4. Prioritize Long-Tail Keywords:

Prioritize Long-Tail Keywords

Keep your focus on long-tail keywords that are lengthier with more precise phrases. Make sure these are relevant to your practice and also collect keywords that are broad and include general terms.

Long tail keywords attract quality leads more frequently due to their low search volume and higher intent.

6. Consider Local SEO

Using location specific keywords increases local search visibility for your practice to attract potential patients in your area. Make sure your list of dental keywords includes terms such as "emergency dentist [neighbourhood]," "dentist in [city]," or "dental clinic near me."

7. Analyze Competitors

Analyze Competitors

Competitor analysis through studying the keywords your rivals are targeting through their websites helps you find gaps in your strategy. It provides insightful information on keyword prospects and helps you with getting a competitive advantage in your market.

8. Prioritize relevancy and Intent:

Prioritize user intent and relevancy for selecting the appropriate keywords to find your target audience. Give importance to keywords with high commercial intent which suggest that people are looking for dental services on the go.

How to Use Dental Keywords to Improve Your Website:

After choosing your dental terms, the next step is to use them for maximum benefit. Here are some tips for using your chosen keywords for improving online visibility of your website.

1. Use terms Naturally:

Dental terms must be used on your website in a way that is natural and organic. Putting too many keywords in your website copy can lead to keyword stuffing making your SEO ineffective and turning potential patients away.

2. Optimize Page Titles and Meta Descriptions:

Optimize Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Using dental keywords in your page title and meta descriptions can bring your website higher up in search engine results. Make sure the names and descriptions are engaging to make people click through to your website.

3. Make High-Quality Content:

Use important dental keywords in business pages, blog posts, patient testimonials and other learning materials. This gives readers something of value while keeping the content informative, interesting and important.

4. Optimize Images and Alt Text:

Optimize Images and Alt Text

Descriptive filenames and alt texts for images that include your dental keywords improve SEO for better online visibility.

5. Build local citations:

The easiest way for patients to find you online is to make sure your business’s NAP (name, address and phone number) is updated and consistent across all social media and review sites as well as online directories.

6. Monitor and Change:

Monitor and Change

Constantly monitor your website performance and track progress of the keywords you choose. Keep an eye on keyword rankings, organic traffic, and user interaction with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Be vigilant in using data to improve your keyword strategy based on how well they are ranking and how people are using it.


This concludes all major steps for choosing the best dental keywords to improve SEO for your dental practice.

It will attract more patients and improve online visibility for your dental practice, by understanding your audience, conducting keyword research and optimizing your website with relevant keywords.

So why wait any longer? Get ready to use SEO results for identifying new keywords and boosting the organic visibility of your business.

Here are some examples of important Dental Keywords

Keywords Monthly Search Volume (United States)
Dental Implants (based on services) 1,35,000
pediatric dentist 60,000
Emergency Dentist 49500
dental crown (based on services) 33,100
Cosmetic Dentist 27,000
Wisdom tooth extraction (based on services) 14,800
Family dentist 12,000
General dentist 10,000
invisible braces (based on services) 10,000
Teeth whitening dentist (based on services) 6,600
Dental crown procedure (based on services) 4,400
Dental specialists 3,600
Dental care center 3,300
Dental professionals 2,400
Dental urgent care center 1,600
Best cosmetic dentistry 320
Dental veeners (based on services) 260
root canal services (based on services) 90
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