Top 5 Functions Every Dental Office Should Automate


June 28, 2021




Dental Office Automation has become the trend of 2021, and continues to climb at an exponential rate. Streamlining office operations has bolstered efficiency, productivity, patient satisfaction, and profits. When it comes to specifics on which operations to automate, there are five particular operations that have proven extremely beneficial for practices to automate. 

Functions Every Dental Office Should Automate

Automating Intake Processes

Going paperless has definitely been the smartest move during COVID and post-COVID. Dentists have discovered that converting into a paperless practice comes with innumerable advantages. We’ll go over three major benefits.

Long-term Investment Savings

Going paperless means reduced paper expenses for your office. Sometimes we tend to overlook everyday costs of making hundreds of copies, replenishing ink cartridges, fax machine operations, and so forth. Embracing automated forms will drastically reduce these expenses because all the paper forms will become digital.

Many clients using automated forms have expressed how enormous the cost reduction has been for them after switching to digital software.

Magnet for Attracting Patients

Tech savvy clients love practices that streamline intake processes with cutting edge technology. An easy way to build your patient base is to attract these clients by adopting paperless consent forms, and paperless dental forms.

Old school paper forms are currently seen as a thing of the past. Modern patients are looking to invest their dental needs and money into the most advanced dental practices. 

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Improved Efficiency and Productivity Increases Bottom Line

Just about all users of automated systems agree that office efficiency and staff productivity are huge gains from going paperless. Digitizing patient intake forms enables a smoother, quicker process, giving doctors more time for patient involvement.

Automated forms include registration, dental consent forms, privacy, medical history and customized forms, which patients can fill out at home using their own device. They can electronically sign and submit the forms which transfer directly to the doctor for review, and integrate into the doctor’s practice management system, including Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, and others.

Using electronic records simplifies the exam flow and data entry process. Streamlining the process from start to finish saves doctors and front office staff a tremendous amount of time that can be used to improve patient services and quality of care. Going paperless also increases staff productivity which improves patient relations and in turn boosts office revenue.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminder

Dentists are quickly turning to promising solutions to eliminate no-shows. Let’s go over 4 reasons why automated appointment reminders have won dentists over.

Drastically Improves Show up Rates & Boosts Revenue

If there’s one thing that all dentists have in common, it’s their frustration with patients who don’t show up for scheduled appointments. No-shows negatively affect office revenue and eat up time slots that could have been given to another patient.

Since profits directly correlate with patient inflow, resolving the dilemma of no-shows could make or break a dental office. Thousands of dentists have turned to automated appointment reminders as a promising solution, and are raving about how drastic of an improvement they’re experiencing.

Minimizes Staff Workload

Dentists are discovering a huge cutback in the amount of work needed from front office staff. No more calling patients with appointment reminders means available time for better one-on-one patient care. Automated appointment reminders are easy to set up, taking just a few seconds to personalize a message and send a link for intake forms to be completed. Patients receive the reminders and link for intake forms via SMS and/or email according to the dentist's preferred time frame (eg. a week/day/hour prior to the appointment). It’s proven to ease tasks on staff due to its simplicity and quick setup. 

Improves Customer Satisfaction

With busy schedules, all of us can relate to patients who simply forget about appointments. Due to the high number of spam calls, most patients don’t even answer unknown phone numbers. Why waste time making empty calls that go unanswered.

It’s proven that patients check their text messages and emails at a higher rate than voice messages. Most have notifications set up for text messages/emails to pop-up on their screen. Automated appointment reminders feed on this and elevate your success rate multifold.  Patients will love you for the convenience, and for not annoying them with persistent phone calls. 

Affordable & Accurate

One of the greatest advantages that dentists rave about when it comes to appointment reminder software is how easily affordable and reliable it is. Practitioners truly get the biggest bang for their buck.

On top of that is the high level of reliability and accuracy received. No more reminding staff to call patients a day prior to appointments or worrying if families who booked back-to-back slots will show up. SMS confirmations allow 2-way texting, which means patients can confirm with the click of a button.

Intake forms can also be sent to patients with the appointment reminder. You’ll receive immediate notification, giving you ample time to fill in any appointment cancelations. With SMS appointment reminders, you can’t go wrong.

Patients love the convenience of quick and easy SMS appointment/email reminders and are more likely to remember and show up for their scheduled appointments on time. Missed appointments mean lost revenue.

With automated SMS reminders you’ll have less to worry about, as patients won’t forget their appointments. The instant communication from 2-way texting provides you with patient’s confirmation ASAP. mConsent’s automated appointment reminders are simple, fast, and cost-effective.

Join the many dentists embracing automated appointment reminders in the switch to dental office automation.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Digital insurance

A hot new feature that saves dental practices hours each day is gaining traction with dentists. HIPAA compliant smart forms that verify insurance eligibility before the visit give you comprehensive verification details within seconds. Let’s go over three main reasons dentists are welcoming automated insurance eligibility with open arms.


Time Saver

Receptionists know all too well the tiring daily routine of having to call insurance companies for eligibility verification. Phone calls that can take hours to get the necessary information, eat up valuable time that could be better spent.

With automated insurance eligibility, there’s no longer a need to call insurance providers for eligibility status. Just a few clicks of a button will give you comprehensive insurance verifications within seconds. All the details you’ll need will be right at your fingertips.

This includes status of coverage, all benefits, deductibles, limitations, maximums, co-insurance and more.

Fast Service

Dentists embrace automated insurance eligibility for a number of reasons. One of the major factors that influences their switch is the speed of service. Smart forms that verify insurance eligibility are easy to access and can be checked minutes before the appointment.

It only takes a few clicks to get a full, detailed list of the patient’s eligibility status, and to pull up all recent verifications. Being a web based platform allows for convenient access from anywhere at any time.  Full integration with major insurance providers makes it easy for dentists, staff and patients alike.

Affordability with Top Security

Innovative technology that’s easily affordable for dentists is a win-win for all. Maintaining patient confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations is of utmost importance.

Smart forms for automated insurance eligibility verification prioritize patient privacy by fully securing data with end-to-end encryption. Combining affordability, security, convenience and speed is a promising solution for dental practices looking to save time and money.

The innovation of automated insurance eligibility verification has brought a much needed advancement that dental offices have been awaiting. With comprehensive eligibility details provided within seconds, receptionists are spared the hassle of long phone calls that take up valuable office time.

Convenience, affordability, security, speed, reliability, and full integration with major insurance providers, makes automated insurance verification a promising solution for dental practices.

Online Dental Treatment Plans 

online treatment plans

Dentists have become tired of printing out dental treatment plans in-office. That’s why many have taken to online dental treatment plans in their switch to dental office automation. Dentists looking for a contactless, COVID-friendly way to obtain patient’s signatures electronically, discovered it with online treatment plans.

They can be easily sent to patients via email or text allowing patients ample time to review and E-sign at their convenience, without the rush. No more printing out treatment plans in-office. Join the trend of converting to online treatment plans and give patients the convenience they’ll love.

Here’s a summary of 4 Main Benefits to Using mConsent’s Online Treatment Plan:

  1. Send Treatment Plan via Email/Text
    • Patients will get a Link to Access, View and Electronically Sign
    • Send and Receive Remotely at Your Convenience
    • No More Printing out Treatment Plans in Office
    • Simplified E-signature
  2. Saves Valuable Time In the Office & With Televisits
    • No More Running Behind Schedule
  3. Reduces the spread of COVID-19 In your Office
    • Contactless Way of Having Patients Sign Treatment Plans
  4. mConsent is Fast, Convenient & Easy To Use
    • With a Few Simple Clicks you’ll be able to Send and Retrieve your treatment plan From Your Dashboard 
    • Doctors are given the option to make additional notes to the treatment plan as needed

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Online Billing

Waiting on patient’s payments to come in can be stressful. Dentists have found the perfect solution to get faster payments via online billing. Affordable billing platforms provide secure end-to-end encryption and easy to understand dashboards.

Dentists simply send the bill to patients via SMS or email and receive payments directly. It doesn’t get much easier than that. If you haven’t already hopped on board with online billing, check it out today and get payments a whole lot faster. We’ll go over how easy digital billing is with 8 simple steps.

Digital Bill payment

8 Steps to mConsent’s Digital Bill Payment

  1. Review the status of all the patient’s bills at your convenience
  2. Select the patient you’d like to bill from the patient list
  3. View detailed payment information (description of the bill and payment amount)
  4. Send the bill to the patient via email or text 
  5. Patients will receive a message which they can use to pay their bill
  6. Once paid, both the doctor and the patient will receive confirmation emails 
  7. A summary of the payment report will be available for review
  8. Conveniently send a digital receipt to the patient


Dental Office Automation, the hot trend of 2021, is here to stay. Streamlining your dental practice will give you an advantage over others and boost your profits. Automating your office with in-demand features has proven to be advantageous for dentists nationwide. Automated platforms including intake forms, appointment reminders, insurance eligibility verifications, dental treatment plans, and billing have reached a peak in demand, and have shown promising results for dental offices.

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