The Future of Fast Billing Options for Dental Patients


September 12, 2022




Frustrated with late payments from patients? It’s holding back your profits and causing stress, right? We get it.

You’re definitely not alone. Thousands of dental practices across the nation have been on the hunt for a real solution that doesn’t let down. You’re in for quite a treat - practices have revealed their most effective billing solution to getting faster payments from patients, and we’re going to let you in on the secret.

The Big Reveal

What exactly is it that you’re looking for in a billing solution? You might say - visible improvement in collecting patient payments on time, top-of-the-line reputation, substantial cost savings, fully secured, and easily accommodating for patients. These are the aspects most dental practices would agree are critical. 

So what has proven to be the most promising billing solution for dental practices? A reliable digital accounts receivable has been the most solid, reputable tool for attaining online patient payments fast, for staying on top of invoice status, and for top client satisfaction.

It has the statistics to back up a huge drop in late patient payments, and a boost in client satisfaction. Let’s dig deeper into what digital accounts receivable consists of and how it’ll benefit your practice.

Fast Billing

Fast Billing

Faster processing of patient payments is the ultimate goal. What digital accounts receivable do, is empower patients with the convenience of self-serve online payments from their own devices. With easy access and just a few clicks, their invoice is taken care of. No more paper invoices lost in the mail, or delayed payments.

With digital accounts receivable, dental offices have in their hands a powerful tool that patients will love for effortless, lightning-speed payments. By texting or emailing a payment link to patients, you’re making it easy for them.

Most patients have already set up text notifications on their smartphones and will take care of the payment right there on the spot. It’s a sure way to guarantee your patients won’t miss it. You deserve to reward yourself with faster patient payments.

Prevent late payments 

If you really want to prevent late patient payments, you’ll want to remove obstacles that interfere with patient payment collections. This means finally bidding goodbye to paper invoices, and manual billing.

Digital accounts receivable will become your new best friend, empowering you and your practice with faster patient payments with online access. Along with that, you can easily track payment status online, and avoid data entry errors, for better accuracy in payment transactions. 

Integrates with Practice Management Software

Integration of accounts receivable into major practice management systems ensures better accuracy, faster processing, and reliability.

Integrations eliminate the complexity brought on by manual systems, paper-based billing, and back-and-forth communication. The most commonly used PMS, including Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft sync seamlessly with digital accounts receivable software.


With fast billing options via digital accounts receivable, dental practices can finally put an end to late patient collections, and provide a more accurate and reliable billing system for patients.

With paper invoices and manual processes tossed aside, your practice will save thousands of dollars and meet patients’ expectations of convenience and state-of-the-art technology.

mConsent’s digital accounts receivable will streamline the process for you, getting you astounding results within two weeks. You can now say hello to 50X faster patient payments and accurate billing.

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