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13 Tips to Get New Patients in your Dental Office


March 17, 2023




By expediting the patient registration process, offering online scheduling options, and enhancing the patient experience, dental software can assist you in bringing in new patients to your dental practice. Here are a few strategies for using dental software to draw in new clients:

1. Online Patient Registration:

Dental software can be used to provide an online patient registration system. New patients no longer need to fill out a paper form in the office to register for an appointment.

2. Automated Appointment Reminders:

Dental software can be used to send patients email or text reminders of their appointments automatically. As a result, there are fewer chances of no-shows and cancelled appointments.

3. Online Scheduling:

Using your dental software, provide choices for online scheduling. This makes it possible for new patients to make appointments whenever it's convenient for them, including after business hours.

4. Patient Portal:

Patients should have access to a secure online portal where they may examine their appointment schedules, treatment plans, and invoices using dental software.

5. Marketing Campaigns:

Employ dentistry software to build and distribute customized marketing campaigns that will draw in new patients. Age, geography, or dental needs can all be used to segment your marketing.

6. Reviews and Referrals:

Use dental software to gather and manage client testimonials and recommendations. Referrals from pleased customers can assist bring in new business, and positive reviews can aid in attracting new patients.

7. Treatment Plan Presentations:

Dental software can be used to generate and display treatment plans to patients in a clear and eye-catching manner. Informed decisions about oral health can be made by patients as a result of having a greater understanding of their treatment options.

You may enhance the patient experience, streamline administrative processes, and draw new patients to your dental practice by utilizing dental software.

13 Tips for Attracting Patients to Your Dental Practice using Practice Management Software


By reducing administrative processes, enhancing patient experience, and improving communication, practice management software can help you draw new patients to your dental business. The following 13 suggestions can help you use practice management software to draw clients to your dental office:

1. Offer Online Scheduling: 

Make it possible for patients to schedule appointments online using your practice management system. A strong marketing tool for your dental clinic is online scheduling. You can modify your online scheduling system to include your practice hours, offered services, and provider availability with the correct software.

On your website, social media pages, and patient communications, promote your system. Patients will find making appointments with your office easy and practical if you provide automated appointment reminders, mobile-friendly access, and customized appointment types.

Online scheduling can set your dental business apart from rivals and enhance patient happiness, resulting in a loyalty boost and practice expansion.

2. Send Appointment Reminders: 

Use the software to send automated appointment reminders to patients via email or text. A key component of drawing clients to your dental business is sending appointment reminders. Patients frequently ignore or forget about booked appointments in today's hectic world, which leads to missed appointments and lost income.

You can guarantee that your patients are aware of their impending appointments and are less likely to cancel or postpone by sending appointment reminders through email, text messages, or phone calls.

Also, reminding patients of their appointments demonstrates your respect for their time and dedication to offering top-notch dental care, which helps patients feel more satisfied.

Consistently sending out customized appointment reminders can help your dental office expand and succeed by improving patient satisfaction, drawing in new clients, and keeping hold of current ones.

3. Use Social Media: 

Leverage social media platforms to promote your practice and attract new patients. Using social media is an effective strategy for attracting patients to your dental practice. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, provide an opportunity to showcase your practice, connect with potential patients, and engage with your current patients.

By sharing educational and engaging content, promoting special offers and promotions, and highlighting positive patient experiences, you can build a strong online presence and establish yourself as a trusted and reputable dental provider in your community.

Moreover, social media allows you to reach a wider audience, including younger demographics who may be more active on social media. Consistent and strategic use of social media can help increase your visibility, attract new patients, and ultimately grow your dental practice.

4. Build a Website:

Build a website

Create a professional website that showcases your services and provides all necessary information. A good way to draw clients to your dentist's office is by using social media. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide you the chance to advertise your practice, get in touch with potential patients, and interact with your current patients.

You may develop a strong online presence and position yourself as a reliable and trustworthy dental service in your neighborhood by providing informative and interesting material, advertising special deals and promotions, and emphasizing happy patient testimonials.

Also, social media enables you to connect with a larger audience, especially younger generations who could be more active there. Using social media consistently and strategically can help you become more visible, draw in more patients, and ultimately expand your dental practice.

5. Offer Online Patient Registration

Use the software to offer an online patient registration system to streamline the check-in process. A quick and effective strategy to draw new clients to your dental business is to provide online patient registration. Patients can easily provide their personal and medical data, insurance information, and appointment choices online from the convenience of their homes.

This not only saves them time but also streamlines and simplifies the registration procedure. You may enhance the patient experience and demonstrate your commitment to utilizing technology to better patient care by providing online registration.

Online registration can also help your practice run more smoothly and efficiently so you can concentrate on providing high-quality dental services. Introducing online registration for clients is, and furthermore, a fantastic way to bring in new customers and enrich customer care at your dental practice.

6. Implement Patient Surveys

Implement patient surveys:

Use the software to gather feedback from patients and improve your practice. Using patient surveys is a good way to draw new patients to your dental clinic and keep them there. By using patient surveys, you can receive insightful patient feedback that will help you enhance the quality of your services and address any problems or worries they may have.

You can make data-driven decisions that eventually result in improved patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction by routinely gathering and analysing patient input.

Additionally, you can draw in new patients who appreciate openness and communication in their healthcare by showcasing your dedication to continual improvement and patient-centered treatment.

Implementing patient surveys is, in general, a crucial first step in creating a robust and prosperous dental office that gives patients' needs and preferences first priority.

7. Use Email Marketing: 

Use the software to send targeted email campaigns to promote your practice and services. A potent strategy for drawing clients to your dental office is email marketing. You may reach out to both current and future patients with information about your practice, services, and promotions by building targeted and tailored email campaigns.

You can develop and establish close bonds with your patients using email marketing, which can also help you retain more of them and grow your dental office. You may establish yourself as a dependable and respected dental practitioner in your neighborhood by offering helpful material and communicating with your patients via email.

8. Use Referral Programs: 

By providing rewards, you can persuade patients to send their friends and relatives to your office. Implementing a referral program is an effective way to attract new patients to your dental practice.

By offering incentives for current patients who refer their friends and family, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and expand your patient base.

Referral programs not only attract new patients but also help build patient loyalty and trust, as patients are more likely to refer others to your practice if they have had a positive experience themselves. Overall, a well-designed referral program can help you attract new patients, increase patient retention, and ultimately grow your dental practice.

9. Implement Online Reviews: 

Use the software to collect and manage online reviews from satisfied patients. An effective technique to draw new patients to your dental business is to implement an online review strategy. You can improve your internet presence and reputation by urging your pleased clients to post favorable reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Good testimonials from delighted clients can help establish credibility and trust with potential clients, ultimately influencing their choice of your firm over rivals. You may expand your dental practice, draw in more patients, and improve your reputation by implementing a solid online review strategy.

10. Offer Promotions and Discounts:

Offer promotions and discounts

Use the program to give promotions and discounts in order to draw in new patients. Promos and discounts are powerful tools for drawing new clients to your dental office. You can persuade potential patients to select your practice over rivals by offering incentives like cheap cleanings, complimentary consultations, or referral prizes.

Promotions and discounts can also help with patient loyalty and retention because happy and satisfied patients are more likely to keep coming back for more treatments. Offering specials and discounts can be an effective strategy for expanding your dental office by luring new clients, fostering client loyalty, and recruiting new customers.

11. Offer Telehealth Services

Use the software to offer telehealth services, which can attract patients who prefer virtual consultations. Provide telehealth services using the software to draw in clients who prefer online consultations. Utilize the program to offer discounts and promotions to entice new patients.

Discounts and promotions are effective methods for luring new patients to your dental practice. By providing incentives like low-cost cleanings, free consultations, or referral rewards, you can convince potential patients to choose your business over rivals.

Because delighted and happy patients are more likely to return for additional treatments, promotions, and discounts can also aid in retaining current patients. Attracting new clients, cultivating client loyalty, and attracting new customers, offering promotions and discounts can be successful methods for growing your dental practice.

12. Implement Patient Check-Ins: 

Use the software to implement contactless patient check-ins to improve safety and convenience. Establishing patient check-ins is an easy and effective strategy to draw new patients to your dental business and keep them there.

You may speed up the registration process and cut down on wait times by allowing patients to check in online or through a mobile app, which can boost patient satisfaction.

In addition to easing administrative duties and enhancing practice effectiveness, patient check-ins can free up your time so you can concentrate on providing top-notch dental care. Implementing patient check-ins is a crucial first step in improving the patient experience and growing your dental practice.

13. Offer Virtual Consultations: 

Use the software to offer virtual consultations, which can attract patients who are unable to visit your practice in person. A practical and efficient strategy to get new clients to your dental business is to provide virtual consultations.

You can contact potential patients who might not be able to come to your physical site owing to distance or other obstacles by offering a remote consultation option.

Due to the fact that patients can receive an initial assessment and treatment plan from the comfort of their homes, virtual consultations can also increase patient convenience and happiness. Offering virtual consultations can help you grow your dental practice and attract more patients while also improving patient satisfaction.


In conclusion, dental clinics can draw in and keep new patients using a variety of efficient tactics and technologies. The use of paperless dentistry software, like mConsent, which speeds up patient registration and check-in procedures, improves office efficiency, and improves the patient experience, is one of these strategies.

Dental practices can provide virtual consultations, implement patient surveys, and provide online registration by utilizing technology and digital solutions, all of which can assist draw in and keep new customers.

Additionally, dental offices can use referral programs, social media, email marketing, promotions, and discounts to connect with new clients and solidify their ties with current ones.

Ultimately, dental offices can successfully increase their patient base and prosper in today's market by combining a variety of these methods and technologies.

mConsent's digital solutions have revolutionized thousands of practices by streamlining administrative operations, and integrating with major practice management software. Find out how mConsent can improve your office efficiency and patient satisfaction 20X.

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