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June 9, 2022




Want your practice to be the one prospects will drive across town for? Getting stellar Google reviews from patients is a sure way to make it happen. How dental practices across the country have been successfully getting those 5 star reviews continuously is what we’ll let you in on.

Let’s first go over some statistical facts on why Google reviews play a huge role in practice success.

Real Statistics about Google Reviews

Real Statistics about Google Reviews

The Local Consumer Review Survey for 2021 statistics has found that:          


98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses And Google is the most viewed review site - with 81% of consumers using it to check business ratings.

What does this mean for your dental practice? Google patient reviews definitely matter - and they have a profound effect on the growth of your practice. 

Here’s the thing… Now that you know getting more 5 star Google reviews will get you more traffic, how can you get those outstanding reviews coming in endlessly? Let’s go over how to make it happen in your favor. Here are 3 key insights that successful dental practices are using to make it happen:

  1. Research has shown that satisfied patients are most likely to leave a review right after they check out This is prime time for automating a text message request for their feedback with a direct link to leave a rating/review.
    Surveys have proven that the majority of satisfied patients don’t hesitate to share a positive rating. Dental practices that go about seeking patient reviews professionally via automated text messages get better results than verbally asking for reviews in-office.
  2. Getting 5 star ratings/reviews posted on Google Reviews and your own website are important, since the bulk of your patients will be studying those sites.
    Many practices don’t realize that having patients complete reviews from the practice’s SMS review link provides a way to preserve your practice’s reputation. Negative ratings, or unsatisfied patients can be sent an internal custom survey looking further into the matter to resolve their concerns.
    The patient can change their rating to 5 star at any point. Works like a charm in protecting and building your reputation with patients.
  3. Another key point that many dental practices are not aware of, is that prospects love when offices leave replies to Google reviews. It shows that concern for patient satisfaction is a priority.
    Successful practices use technology allowing them to receive notifications and details when patients submit a review, so they can stay on top of replying to a patient’s review in a timely manner.

The above key points are gems that have placed dental practices in top positions with an excellent online reputation, and overbooked schedules on a daily basis.

Making Online reviews work in your favor

Making Online reviews

Positive Google reviews and 5 star ratings are the ultimate goals, and embracing reliable technology that empowers dental practices to achieve those goals can be priceless. Having the smarts to get numerous outstanding reviews without even having to verbally ask, saves staff the embarrassment of putting patients on the spot.

Automated SMS review requests are convenient and professionally viewed by patients.

Getting patients to leave ratings/reviews via your own SMS link works in your favor as effective reputation management. With state-of-the-art software you have the ability to drastically improve the number of 5 star ratings, and internally resolve negative reviews. 


The key to getting unending 5 star ratings and positive reviews lies in the power of technology. Leveraging technology in your favor, to improve your online reputation on Google, and your own website, has become a priceless means of boosting the inflow of patients, and ultimately practice revenue.

mConsent’s Reputation Management platform creates outstanding online results for practices across the US.

Dental practices are placed in the driver’s seat, being in control of automated SMS review requests with direct links for patients to leave reviews. Practices also have the advantage of maintaining control of negative reviews internally.

Learn how mConsent can get your practice endless 5 star Google reviews, and improve your reputation.

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