How To Get More 5-Star Reviews On Google For Your Dental Practice?


June 9, 2022


Are you sick of seeing your dentist's office disappear into the vast world of computers and the Internet? Struggling to get new customers and stand out in the digital world?

We understand how hard things are for you! Getting that elusive 5-star rating on Google is more important than ever for the success of your dental office in a world where online reviews can make or break a business.

Not to worry, we'll show you how to get the great google reviews for dental practice deserves and skyrocket your online image.


The Local Consumer Review Survey for 2023

consumer review

The Local Consumer Review Survey for 2023 statistics has found that: 76% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses And Google is the most viewed review site - with 87% of consumers using it to check business ratings.

What does this mean for your dental practice? Google patient reviews matter - and they have a profound effect on the growth of your practice.

Here’s the thing… Now that you know getting more 5 star Google reviews will get you more traffic, how can you get those outstanding reviews coming in endlessly? Let’s go over how to make it happen in your favor.


Importance of Google reviews for dentists

1. Provide exceptional patient experiences: Deliver outstanding service and care to your patients, ensuring they have positive interactions at every touchpoint.

2. Encourage satisfied patients to leave feedback: Actively request reviews from happy patients after their appointments, either in person or through follow-up emails.

3. Make the review process simple and convenient: Provide clear instructions on how patients can leave reviews on Google, and consider offering incentives for those who take the time to do so.

4. Emphasize the importance of Google reviews for dentists: Highlight to your patients that their reviews help other individuals in the community find quality dental care and contribute to building trust and credibility online.

Tips to get 5-star reviews on Google for your dental practice

1. Provide Exceptional Patient Experiences

How well you care for people and make their experiences are what builds a 5-star image. Make sure that every contact with a patient is nothing less than exceptional.

Every interaction, from the friendly greeting at the front desk to the gentle touch of the dentist's chair, is important. Making an extra effort, like with personalized follow-up calls, helpful emails, or kind acts, can make a big difference and last a long time.

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2. Streamline the Review Process

Make it easy for your happy people to leave a review. Make the process go more quickly by giving clear directions on your website or in a follow-up email.

Guide them to your Google My Business page in a clear, step-by-step way. The process should be easy for people so they are more likely to take the time to share their good experiences.

3. Timing is Key


Take action while the iron is still hot! Get people to write a review as soon as they have a good experience. This keeps the feelings and satisfaction fresh in their thoughts, which makes it more likely that they will give a great review.

Using timely follow-ups, like an email or text message after the meeting, can get patients to give you feedback when it's most important.

4. Showcase Your Expertise

Show off your dentistry knowledge to educate and interest your audience. Add helpful dentistry information, tips, and success stories to your website and social media pages regularly. When patients see how much your business knows and can do, they are more likely to give you 5 stars to show their appreciation.

5. Respond to Reviews Graciously

Get to know your people better online. Answer all reviews quickly and politely, whether they are positive or negative. Show appreciation for good comments and be understanding when someone has a problem.

Responding quickly and carefully not only improves your online image but also shows that you care about your patients' happiness.

6. Leverage Patient Testimonials

Encourage your happy people to write testimonials about their experiences. Your website, social media, and marketing materials should all have these great ratings.

Potential patients will feel more comfortable with your practice if they see real-life success stories. This will also encourage them to leave their positive feedback.

7. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

google my business profile_

Check that your Google My Business (GMB) profile is not only full but also set up in the best way to get the most visitors.You should update your business hours, add high-quality pictures, and make sure your contact information is correct.

Keeping up with your GMB profile not only increases your chances of showing up in local searches but also shows possible patients that you are a professional.

8. Engage on Social Media

For making relationships and getting reviews, social media is a great place to be. Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to interact with your followers.

Answer comments, share useful material, and ask followers to share their own experiences. This online interaction not only keeps the ties you already have with your patients strong, but it can also lead to good reviews.


How to Deal with negative reviews?

Dealing with a bad review for your dentist office? Keep your cool and deal with it professionally.

First, acknowledge the patient's worry, show empathy, and thank them for their comments. Respond to the public with an answer or an offer to talk about the problem in private.

Make it clear that you want to get better and make sure your patients are happy. Talking about worries openly and helpfully not only helps you handle the current situation but also shows that you are honest and committed to giving great dental care.

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Getting 5 star scores and good reviews all the time is possible thanks to technology. Using technology to your advantage to improve your Google and website image has become an invaluable way to get more customers and, ultimately, make more money from your practice.

The Reputation Management platform from mConsent helps practices all over the US get great internet results. When automated SMS review requests are sent to dental practices with direct links for customers to leave reviews, the practices are in charge.

One more benefit of practices is that they can handle bad reviews themselves. Find out how mConsent’s Reputation Management can help your practice get more 5 star reviews on Google and make your brand better.

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