How Do You Ask Dental Patients for Reviews?


October 9, 2020


Nearly every consumer checks out dental office reviews before deciding on which dentist to visit. Making sure that your dental office has sufficient positive reviews will help attract and widen your patient base. Practices that have no or few reviews will most likely be passed up by potential clients.

The good news is that most patients are delighted to leave reviews for dentists who they feel have excelled in providing top-quality care, but need to be presented with ample opportunity to do so. Let’s go over some effective strategies to get those positive dental patient reviews.

1. Finding the right time to ask for reviews while the patient is in the office

During the dental visit you’ll get vibes from the patient on how they perceive your services. If those vibes are positive it would be beneficial to start a conversation with them about their experience and if there is anything you can do to make it more pleasant.

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Some dental patients will simplify the process by stating how pleased they are with your office staff and quality of care. You’ll want to be sure you thank these patients for their compliments and politely ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing their experience with potential clients on your review platform. Let them know that their feedback will help others feel more confident in selecting your office. 

For clients who appear pleased with your services during the dental visit, but don’t verbalize their satisfaction, have the front desk staff or dental assistant take a moment to let them know about your review platform while the patient is checking out. Have the review platform links posted on their receipt and also make sure they are clearly visible on the checkout counter. 

2. Using a review request tool following the patient’s visit

Once patients leave the office and return to their daily routines, they may become occupied with their busy schedules and forget to leave you a review. It would be an excellent reminder for the patient if they receive an automated text message or email sequence the same day of the visit.

If they still did not post a review then follow up with another email a few days after their visit. The content of this message should thank them for selecting your office and politely ask that they leave feedback about their visit on your platform.

Be sure to include clickable links to the web locations you would like them to leave reviews on. Common review sites include Google reviews, Facebook, Yelp, social media pages, along with your practice’s website.

3. Post a link for leaving reviews on your website and social media accounts

In addition to potential clients perusing commonly used review sites, like Google reviews and Yelp, they will most likely also browse your practice’s social media accounts and website for reviews. If your office does not have a social media account or website, patients will probably pass on your office.

Social media reviews for dental offices are extremely powerful in drawing clients to your practice. Be sure to post patient reviews on your website and to provide clients with direct links for posting reviews on your social media page as well. 


Acquiring positive patient reviews is immensely important for attracting potential clients to your dental office. While the patient is in your office, conversate with them to get an impression of their level of satisfaction.

If you’re getting good vibes, express your appreciation and politely request that they share their feedback on your review platforms. While the patient is checking out of the office, also have the front desk staff politely let the client know about your review platform and encourage them to leave a post.

Be sure to include the links for posting reviews visibly on the checkout counter and on the patient’s receipt. On the day of the visit send the patient a friendly text message or email politely reminding them about your review sites, with clickable links to all your platforms, including social media pages.

Using incentives like discounts on future visits, offers and raffle prizes can successfully encourage patients to leave reviews as well. Positive patient reviews continue to serve as a hallmark for bringing in more clientele.

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