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The Impact of Text Messaging on Dental Payment Collections: A Look at mConsent’s Account Receivable Feature


May 10, 2023


Visiting the dentist can be stressful enough without having to deal with complicated billing procedures. Contemporary technology has made it simpler than ever for dental practices to automate the payment collection process. Patients can now receive bills and reminders via text message, thanks to Digital Accounts Receivable.

We'll talk about how text messaging affects dental practices' ability to collect payments as well as how digital accounts receivable can help dental practices increase their payment collection rates.

Immediate interaction with patients

Patients can be reached instantly through text messaging, making it simpler to notify them of upcoming payments. Dental offices can use digital accounts receivable to email patients who have unpaid bills via text message reminders - to make payments or arrange payment plans.

This fast and simple communication can increase collection rates and stop bills from slipping through the cracks.

Increased Admission Rates

Did you know that while paper invoices are frequently overlooked or misplaced in the mail, 68% of patients check text messages within the first hour of receiving them? As a result, there is a higher likelihood that patients will see text messages and respond by making a payment.

Dental offices can benefit from this high open rate and make sure that their patients are getting and responding to payment reminders thanks to digital accounts receivable.

Improved Patient Comfort

Improved patient comfort

Patients might not have the time to settle down and review their dental bills due to busy schedules and a variety of obligations. Why not make it easier for patients to make payments by enabling them to receive invoices via email or text message. Patients are more likely to make payments thanks to this ease, which makes them more likely to do so on time.

Automated Prompts for Action

Keeping track of unpaid bills and following up with patients who have not yet paid them is one of the biggest difficulties faced by dental practices. Patients with unpaid bills can be sent text messages as part of automated follow-up reminders.

The automated process guarantees that patients are conveniently reminded of their payment obligations while saving time for the dental office staff.

Including Practice Administration Software in the Process

practice administration software

Dental practices can easily access patient billing information and remind customers who still owe money thanks to seamless integration with popular practice management systems like Open Dental, Eaglesoft, and Dentrix. This streamlines the billing procedure and aids in the management of accounts receivable for dental offices.


An efficient method for increasing dental money collections is text messaging. Dental practices can increase their collection rates by using mConsent's Accounts Receivable function, which takes advantage of text messaging's high open rates and convenience.

Dental practices can streamline the billing process and make sure that their customers pay their bills by utilizing instant contact, automated follow-up reminders, and integration with practice management software.

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