5 Important Things to Know About Online Patient Intake Forms


December 22, 2022




What’s your typical intake process like? For most dental practices it involves a time-consuming, tedious routine of paperwork, long wait times, missing information, illegible handwriting, scanning, and manual insertion of data into the system.

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There’s a much simpler, more effective way to go about it – online patient intake forms. We’ll discuss 5 reasons online patient intake forms have won over thousands of dental practices across the U.S.

Automated Front Office Hand

Traditional manual labor is a thing of the past with online patient intake forms. Automation of your intake and consent forms means that patients can complete all forms remotely on their own device, along with e-signing, and uploading their ID, insurance card, photo, and medication list.

Once submitted, all approved forms integrate directly into the provider’s practice management system (Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, and Dolphin) prior to the exam. Non-integrated practice management systems can still benefit from online forms using cloud-based software.

This process of streamlining operations relieves front office staff from the burdens of clipboards, stacks of paperwork, re-checking information, and waiting on form completion.

Dental Office Manager

Happier Patients

As a dental provider, your goal is to create the perfect patient experience. Traditional paperwork tends to serve as an inhibitor for most, as it can be frustrating for patients who want an efficient, more up-to-date intake process.

The self-serve convenience of being able to complete forms online, from home is a total win over for patients. It saves them ~80% waiting room time, and ~20 minutes of exam time.

Patients also love being able to capture and upload all documentation remotely, before even stepping into the office. With a pronounced professional appeal, and less-strenuous demand on patients, online patient intake forms have become the most effective method for skyrocketing patient satisfaction 20X.

Reduced Staff Load 

Paper documentation comes with an exhausting workload for front office staff. From juggling phone calls to managing patient paperwork, staff easily burn out from all the demands. Printer jams, ink shortages, and loud shredders are all a reality that slow down the process.

On average, patients take 10-20 minutes to complete in-office paper forms, which then need to be sifted through for illegible or missing information. Manually transferring all the patient’s data into the computer system, along with scanning their ID, insurance card, photo, etc takes another 10-20 minutes.

Reassuring patients that their wait time is almost over, on top of handling phone calls that have been placed on hold for an extended time period – creates an endless stressful work environment for front office staff. Online forms do away with this, cutting down front office documentation time by 35%, and empowering staff to have more time for direct patient care.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Online patient intake forms’ integration with practice management software is the foundation for a faster and more reliable intake process. Integration eliminates the need for manual transfer of patient data, or requesting patient documents in the office.

All collection of information can be done remotely by sending the patient a link via text/email, and giving them the convenience to complete it at their leisure, prior to the visit.

Submitted forms that have been approved by your office, directly sync into your practice management software (Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, and Dolphin), making them readily available when needed. All pen-paper intake work is eliminated from your front office.

Precise Accuracy

One major drawback from paper forms is the amount of inaccuracy that results, whether it's due to poor patient handwriting, or incorrect manual transfer of data into the system by the front desk staff. The reality is that incorrect patient information can create havoc for the practice.

The major advantage of online patient intake forms is the precise accuracy and reliability of patient information obtained. Online forms have required fields that patients must fill out prior to submission, along with an easier input method for providing data.

Once forms are E-signed by the patient and submitted, the provider receives the form for approval, followed by direct integration. The hassle of inaccurate information is no longer an obstacle with online patient intake forms.

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Online patient intake forms give dental practices exactly what they’ve been dreaming of – better efficiency, integration with their PMS, cloud-based system for non-integrated practice management software, improved patient satisfaction, less staff workload, and precise accuracy of data.

Online forms have become the most popular intake method for thousands of dental practices across the country. mConsent has successfully streamlined the intake process for 5000+ practices, and can improve yours as well. Learn more about mConsent’s online patient forms today.

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