Tips to Improve Patient Engagement & Retention in 2024


April 18, 2022


While the world was busy battling the COVID pandemic, many keen dental offices were staying on top of finding solutions to keep their business thriving. The adoption of digital services that endorse a patient engagement future has proven to surpass expectations in our new realism.

Ponder on this:

Shifting to digital technology fused with a climb in healthcare consumerism means patients aren't wasting their time on manual forms or phone calls. Rather, they’re now getting a seamless experience through cutting edge, fast, and convenient tools that connect them with dental offices, enabling them to get their questions answered instantly


A study conducted by HIMSS proves that US healthcare patients want a personalized technology experience, stating that “52% of patients attended at least one telehealth visit in the last 12 months.” 1

Another study from Health Affairs indicates that evidence “links better outcomes with more engaged and activated patients.” 2

So what does this mean for you?

In this era of advanced tools for instant patient communication and involvement, dental offices will improve patient retention rates by shifting the focus on increasing patient engagement. To excel your patient engagement solutions, it’s pertinent to establish strategies that cater to much-evolved health consumer preferences in this technology era.

Let’s get to the meat of the topic:

  • What is patient engagement?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can you improve patient engagement and retention?

What Is Patient Engagement In Today’s World?

Patient engagement involves empowering patients to take charge by providing convenient and easy-to-use tools. All this plays a vital role in ensuring patient compliance with necessary visits, follow-up care, and prevention of complications.

Today, patients want quick access to get their questions answered, the ability to schedule visits without phone calls, and a convenient way to share their information without paper forms. As a result, many are looking for dental offices that meet their tech-savvy needs and prioritize a patient-first philosophy.

Why Does It Matter?

Dental practices that stay up-to-date with patient engagement trends and adopt change will reach a desired peak of patient retention tactics and continue growing their patient base.

Patients are interested in technology-based dental solutions and engagement. They’re actively shifting towards tools that can facilitate their desired experiences. 

By aligning with these consumer expectations, you can improve brand recognition, allowing your dental office to increase patient retention and revenue.

What’s the flipside?

Dental practices that don’t consider the latest patient engagement solutions will be at a loss, as patients will eventually look elsewhere in search of a patient-centered office.

Patient Engagement Strategies for Improving Customer Retention

Implementing patient engagement tools is a promising way to stay on top of the game. Let’s discuss some trending solid engagement tools patients are looking for:

  • Instant 2-way SMS - Phone calls from the office are a thing of the past. Texting gives patients the ability to get their questions answered fast, and to receive important notifications.
  • Automated Appointment Reminders via text - Patients will no longer forget their appointments. 
  • Online Patient Forms - The convenience of completing intake forms at home, capturing IDs, insurance cards, and e-signing before the visit is a total win.
  • Self-Scheduling Appointments Online - 24/7 access to book visits anytime, from anywhere means no more phone calls needed. 
  • Virtual Consults & Telehealth - Convenience at its finest. HD video consultations from the comfort of their sofa.
  • Digital Billing Solution - A few simple clicks to pay their bills online; 100% hassle-free for patients and offices.
  • Fast Insurance Verification - Finally say goodbye to long phone calls with insurance companies. Use advanced tech to get eligibility reports in seconds, so patients can spend more time getting the care they want.

Implementing patient-desired tools is a sure way to get more traffic in your door, and keep them coming.


Patient engagement solutions make it easier for dental offices to jump-start a patient’s acquisition into their care. Smart practices invest in technology and strategies that simplify communication channels and make patients feel that they are prioritized. Better patient engagement serves as a vehicle for achieving higher patient satisfaction and retention, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. 

Learn how mConsent can improve your patient engagement experience.

1 HIMSS Article: New Data From HIMSS Shows Rapid Digital Health Adoption Necessitates Personalized Patient Technology

2 Health Affairs Article: When Patient Activation Levels Change, Health Outcomes And Costs Change, Too

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