6 Ways to Increase Productivity in a Dental Office


October 29, 2020



6 Ways to Increase Productivity in a Dental Office

Productivity lies at the core for a successful business. We’ll briefly go over six recommended methods to boost your office’s productivity and in turn increase the success of your practice.

1. Communication: Key Skill

Professional and effective communication is an essential foundation for any business to prosper. Nailing this element will lead your dental office on it’s way to attracting and sustaining loyal clients.  

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Finding and training staff who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure patient satisfaction is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it’s essential and definitely worth your time and energy.

2. Efficiency: Internal Training Programs

Properly training your office staff to use work time effectively is important. The front desk team should prioritize the patient's wait time and do their utmost to minimize delays. Patient wait times can be decreased by having a proper routine in place for check-in, check-out, scheduling, phone communication and so forth. 

3. Online Patient Scheduling

Switching from manually writing patient schedules in a scheduler to embracing online scheduling will save valuable time and stress for you and your office personnel. Clients love the convenience of being able to book their appointments online, and staff enjoy the ease. Online patient scheduling minimizes the chances of incorrect data entry and keeps information organized and at your fingertips.

4. Go Paperless

Many dentists are discovering a plethora of benefits from going paperless. Increased office productivity certainly tops the list. Your front office staff will no longer need to spend valuable time trying to decipher illegible handwriting, making copies of documents, or manually inserting patient data into the system. 

Automated patient forms streamline the process for you by enabling patients to fill out all necessary forms remotely prior to their visit. Once the patient submits the information, it directly integrates into your EMR software and is received by your staff. It will save you a tremendous amount of time that can be better spent with patients. 

5. Feedback: It’s Critical

Every practice has room for improvements. Many times, the most effective way to know what improvements are needed is by seeking feedback from clients and employees with an open mind. 

Criticism may be a tough pill to swallow for many practitioners, but keeping a welcoming mindset and taking feedback seriously will in turn bring about necessary improvements in providing overall satisfaction and in retaining patients and staff.

6. Organize: Enhance the office appeal

When clients enter a dental office, they develop a first impression based off of your office appeal and front desk staff. Having a presentable waiting room, office and front desk clear of clutter is a good start. To really impress your clients, you’ll want to go a step further by embracing advanced technology, captivating decor and proficient staff that go above and beyond.

Digitizing your practice to eliminate paper charts will certainly help improve your office appeal and keep your staff better organized. Patients are always looking for dentists who maintain a pleasant office appeal and display a high level of organization.


Several steps can be taken to make your dental office more productive. Of key importance is professional and effective communication with clients and staff. Ensuring that office staff are trained in proper communication and time-management skills will get you off to a great start. Giving patients the convenience of online scheduling will save valuable time and stress along with attracting more clients.

By streamlining your office with automated forms, patients will be able to complete all the necessary forms remotely at home, saving your staff a significant amount of time that can be spent more productively.

Welcome feedback from patients and staff with an open mindset to discover additional ways that your office can improve. Lastly, maintain a pleasant office appeal and high level of organization, so that clients feel confident that they are receiving a professional level of care.

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