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How do iPads Boost Dental Practice Revenue?


July 22, 2020


With the emergence and rapid adaptation to innovative technology, dental practices across the nation have benefited tremendously. iPads, being at the forefront of technology embraced by dentists,  have proven to be a top instrumental asset. iPads are increasingly being used for dentistry along with other healthcare professionals, due to their major advancements.

ipad for dentistry

Innovative technology has transformed the way healthcare is delivered, making data collection, transmission, and storage easier than ever before.

Dental practitioners enjoy numerous benefits from embracing iPads in their practice. The top three benefits of switching to paperless office include:

Paperless Office

  • Simplified patient check-in and check out
  • Convenient scanning of patient ID, insurance card & documents before patients arrive
  • Customized iPad for dentistry simplifies the collection of patient information - includes patient intake, medical consent forms, library of forms 
  • Online forms integrate into your EMR software (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental)
  • Better accuracy of data - no illegible handwriting to decipher
  • Decluttering - pleasant office appeal attracts more patients
  • Time-saver for staff - no more misplaced charts or files
Boost Dental Practice
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Secured Patient Data

  •  End-to-end Encryption - top security features
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant - meets all privacy standards
  • No lost paper charts or files - reduces the risk of HIPAA violations
  • Studies show that HIPAA violations rise with paper records
  • Patient data securely stored &  digitally transferred as needed

Save Money & Become Eco-Friendly:

  • Save Money & Become Eco-Friendly:
  • Substantial savings on supplies used for paper forms (copier, fax machine, ink, printer, paper, etc)
  • Attract patients looking for an environmentally friendly Dentist
  • Studies show that a solo dental practice uses an average of 13 reams of paper annually = 3 trees.
  • Save trees and the environment

mConsent customized iPads make the transformation to a paperless office the best option for patient and staff convenience,  security of information, increasing practice revenue & environmental friendliness.

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