Making Less Work More At Your Dental Practice


July 29, 2022




You’ve seen other dental practices breeze through operations that your practice still struggles to manage - sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way, and you don’t need to make a huge investment to streamline your operations either.

Your dental practice has the potential to become optimal in efficiency, productivity, and profitability. To get there, you’ll want to step out of your clinical thinking realm and into the consumer-driven business world. Let’s dive in and discuss how you can skyrocket your practice by making less work more.

Where does your Dental Practice stand now?

Take a moment to answer this question - if you were a patient at your office, how would you describe the experience from start to finish? Be honest with yourself, if long wait time, paperwork, manual invoices, and traditional processes cross your mind - finding a way to improve that experience will benefit your practice long-term.

Going through the below checklist - how many hindrances would patients experience at your practice?

Back and forth with front office to find a doable appointment slot via phone call

  • Missed phone call appointment reminder from office
  • Complete a stack of paper forms at arrival
  • Fill in missing signatures and spell out illegible handwriting
  • Watch front office scan ID, insurance card, etc, and manually transfer data
  • Await insurance verification by staff for eligibility status
  • No opportunity given to leave feedback
  • Receive a surprise paper invoice in the mail

If this list sounds familiar, there’s definitely a more professional, efficient way to treat patients.

Going Paperless


Let’s evaluate the flip scenario. A paperless dental office with optimal operations. How will your patients’ experience change? Below is a picture of how your front office operations will flow with a streamlined process:

  • 24/7 Online Self-Scheduling Platform for patient convenience
  • Automated appointment reminder via SMS with 2-way text confirmation reply capabilities
  • Ability to reschedule appointment via 2-way SMS
  • Self-Serve paperless forms completed from home on any device, from any location
  • No missing signatures or illegible handwriting to fix
  • Capture ID, insurance card, medication list, photo from home
  • E-sign and submit digital form for fast integration into practice’s PMS (Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Dolphin)
  • Automated Insurance Verification done before the visit
  • Almost nil waiting room time (no scanning or manual data entry)
  • Convenient Online payment option 
  • Receive SMS after checkout to leave feedback
  • No unexpected bills

A world of difference is seen in the eyes of patients when practices prioritize patient convenience with paperless forms and digital services. By becoming hi-tech, your patients will show loyalty, refer others, and develop more respect for you. As a paperless office, you’ll be investing in better patient care and saving your staff from the burdensome administrative operations that hold them back. 


Show patients how much your dental practice prioritizes their convenience, quality of care, and time by embracing digital solutions. Optimize your front office with Paperless Forms, Fast Insurance Verification, Automated Appointment Reminders, 2-Way SMS, Online Patient Scheduling, Automated Accounts Receivable, and more.

Over 5000 practices have successfully made the transition to becoming top-of-the-line in efficiency and productivity with mConsent’s paperless solutions. Learn how mConsent can improve your patients’ experience with digital operations.

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