Optimizing Your Optometry Office Layout for Improved Efficiency


January 11, 2024


An intelligently designed optometry office layout promotes efficient clinical workflows and processes, making life easier for doctors, staff, and patients. This blog provides 10 evidence-based tips for optimizing your space planning to drive productivity, increase capacity, and elevate the patient experience. Let’s dive right in.

1. Strategic Placement of Key Areas

    Strategic Placement of Key Areas

Logical adjacency and flow between high-traffic areas like exam lanes, pre-testing, dispensary, check-in/out, and waiting rooms streamlines movement and workflows. Carefully align the office layout with your patient volume patterns and clinical processes. Place high-density areas like exam rooms for optimal access and visibility.

2. Built-In Flexibility

Incorporate flexible spaces that can adapt to serve multiple functions based on workflow needs at different times of day. For example, a room outfitted for both examinations and in-depth consultations. Hybrid rooms maximize utility of existing space.

3. Open Visibility Lines

An open layout enhancing visibility between key areas like check-in, testing lanes, and dispensary promotes communication and oversight. Shortened visual distances also psychologically reduce perceived wait times for patients.

4. Accessibility for All

    Accessibility for All

Incorporate ADA requirements like widened hallways/doorways, accessible exam room equipment, easy-access building entry, and accessible parking to comfortably accommodate patients with disabilities.

5. Patient- Centered Design Elements

Thoughtfully select interior design features like flooring, lighting, wall art/color, and furnishings to create an inviting, calming environment that appeals to patients of all ages. Little touches make a big impact.

6. Reduced Visual Clutter

Declutter by providing organized, compartmentalized storage for equipment/supplies not in active use. Clean sight lines promote an atmosphere of order, competence, and professionalism.

7. Efficient Technology Setups

    Efficient Technology Setups

Structure centralized high-function technician work areas located conveniently near exam rooms to enable efficient workstreams. Invest in technologies promoting productivity.

8. Private Patient Areas

Provide private consult rooms and dilation areas to allow sensitive conversations and pupil dilation away from other patients in communal spaces. This protects patient privacy.

9. Patient-Friendly Waiting Areas

Make waiting areas warm and comfortable by providing varied, ample seating options; activities/visual elements; and amenities like water/coffee stations and easily accessible restrooms conveniently located.

10. Proactive Evaluation and Redesign

Actively survey patients and staff annually seeking feedback on the office environment and workflow. Leverage insights to thoughtfully guide redesigns that continuously improve function.

By proactively planning environments with clinical efficiency and the patient experience in mind, optometrists gain a measurable competitive advantage. An optimized office layout is a worthwhile investment in your practice's success.


Optimizing your optometry office layout takes vision - literally and figuratively. By proactively planning your space with patient experience, clinical efficiency, and future flexibility in mind, you gain a competitive edge. From strategic placement of key areas to open visibility lines and accessibility for all, your office floor plan either augments or hinders your success.

Keep seeking feedback from patients and staff to thoughtfully guide redesigns. Work with design professionals experienced in healthcare spaces. By intentionally creating layouts that streamline operations around patient needs, optometry practices can boost productivity, increase capacity, reduce costs, and elevate experiences.

Finally, incorporate technologies like mConsent that further optimize workflows by digitizing admin tasks like consents and paperwork. Following these tips will create a potent formula for an efficient, patient-centric optometry practice poised for enduring success.

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