6 Reasons Why Your Optometry Office Should Go Paperless?


November 13, 2020




Going paperless will bring multiple benefits to your optometry practice. We’ll go over six major advantages of switching to digital software, like automated forms and electronic charts.

1. Built-in Security & HIPAA Compliant

Maintaining HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality can be an overwhelming task for optometrists who use paper forms and charts. A simple, cost-effective solution to ensure proper patient data collection, storage and transmission is to embrace electronic forms and charts.

Automated forms and electronic charts secure patient information digitally and eliminate the concern of lost charts or improper disposal of patient files. With paper charts, tracking, managing, transferring, and discarding of patient data is much more burdensome for optometrists. Additionally, the chances of front office staff inputting incorrect patient information into the system is drastically reduced with paperless options.

2. Space-Saver & Clutter-Reducer

Paper charts require storage space, time to organize, and a host of equipment for copying, faxing, scanning, etc. These paper-related items take up space and lead to office clutter quite easily.

Patients tend to cringe at the sight of office clutter or when front desk staff are frantically searching for misplaced paper charts and documents. By going paperless, the common headaches associated with paper files are eliminated.

3. Fast Access to Patient Data

An enormous benefit to adopting automated forms, electronic charts and digital billing is the fast and convenient accessibility to patient information. Automated forms can conveniently be sent to patients to complete at home. Patients electronically sign and submit the forms directly to the optometrist for review prior to the eye exam.

Digital forms are integrated directly into major EHR systems like examWRITER, Crystal PM and others, reducing the workload for you. Patient charts are literally at your fingertips with paperless options. No more nuisance of searching up and down your optometry office for lost charts. With the simple click of a button, you and your staff will be able to pull up all the data you need. 

4. Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Just about all optometrists who have switched to digital forms, electronic charts and digital billing will agree that the level of office efficiency and productivity has dramatically increased. Receptionists and technicians are spared the inconvenience of having to sort through and organize paper charts, make hundreds of copies of patient forms, scan patient documents into the computer, or collect and organize paper invoices. The manual labor and valuable time spent on this process is converted into simplicity of data input, storage and transmission, along with faster collection of payments. You’ll have more time to spend with patients in the exam room.

5. Smart Financial Investment

Initially, optometrists may find themselves hesitant to convert to a paperless office because they cannot see beyond the start-up costs. Carefully researching the pros and cons of switching to an automated system will reveal the major long-term cost savings and how going paperless increases your return on investment.

Everyday costs of using paper forms add up very quickly. By using dental digital software that provides patient forms, charts and billing, all of those paper-related costs are significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

6. Eco-Friendly

Going paperless helps save the planet. Reduced paper use means less trees being cut down and fewer amounts of paper that need to be discarded. Patients will appreciate that your practice is environmentally friendly and think more highly of you. Consider how much paper your optometry office has used in the last month alone. Imagine being able to make a substantial impact on the environment simply by going paperless.


By converting to automated software, your optometry office will accrue countless benefits. Maintaining HIPAA compliance will become easier with built-in security features of digital systems. Your front desk team will love you for eliminating the need to search for patient charts and for reducing their desk clutter.

You’ll have access to patient data right at your fingertips. Staff productivity and overall office efficiency will boost dramatically. Digital software will significantly reduce paper-related costs and improve your income. You’ll be saving the environment and making a lasting impression on your clients.

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