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Paperless Dentistry: Making The Switch Easier


May 24, 2022




Getting tired of lost charts, missing signatures, and printer jams? Paper systems have an endless list of downfalls, which is why paperless dentistry is trending as the #1 efficient and productive avenue for dental practices.

Drawbacks of Traditional Paper-Based Dental Systems

The drawbacks of paper-based practices prevent dental practices from reaching their potential. Hundreds of practices have chimed in on the major setbacks they’ve experienced with paper forms, including:

  • Front Desk Clutter
  • Lost Files and lack of storage space for charts
  • Printing, Scanning, Shredding
  • Running out of ink, clipboards, and paper
  • Prone to human entry errors
  • Chaotic scheduling books
  • Long waits on form completion
  • Time-consuming manual entry of patient information
  • Illegible handwriting and missing signatures
  • Inaccuracy leading to claim delays and denials
  • Lengthy check-in process creating long patient wait time
  • Unsatisfied patients and stressed staff

Benefits of Paperless Dental Office Software

Benefits of Paperless Dental Office Software

With enhanced patient care and office productivity as the focal points,  paperless dental office software lowers administrative costs and improves operational efficiency. Below are advantages of going paperless that dental practices have raved about:

  • Cuts down 35% of documentation time
  • Reduces 80% waiting room time
  • 24/7 Self-scheduling on any device
  • Faster Online Payments
  • Average of $67K+ in annual savings for practices with 20 patients/day
  • Saves ~20  minutes per patient and improves office productivity 
  • Less claim delays and denials
  • Professional office appeal to attract tech-savvy clients
  • Text or email forms to patients for remote self-completion
  • Capture IDs, Insurance cards, photos, medication list & documents before the patient arrives
  • In-office branded iPad App with all forms
  • Patients can E-Sign treatment plans remotely or in-office
  • Direct integration of forms into Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Dolphin
  • Frees up front office staff giving them more time for patient care
  • Eliminates printing, scanning, shredding, and clipboards for good
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • 100% HIPAA compliant and encrypted
  • Cloud backup system
  • What Main Features should your Dental Practice have?

For ultimate practice growth, staying at the cutting edge is vital. Patients expect convenient options that save them time and energy. Office managers want to feel that their work is valued, rather than mundane. The following paperless dental office software features have proven to create happy staff and patients:

Paperless Intake Forms

With paperless intake forms your staff can finally say good-bye to dreaded laborious work. Key benefits of digital intake forms includes:

  • Digitize all forms: Registration, consents, HIPAA forms, medical history, etc
  • Standard, Customizable, and Branded forms
  • Self-service digital forms for remote completion
  • Ability to capture IDs, insurance cards, photos, and other documents from home
  • Patients e-sign and submit completed forms before the visit
  • Slows the spread of viral transmission
  • Direct integration into major PMS including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Dolphin
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry, and reduces human error

Branded On-Site iPad App

Got patients that want to complete forms in-office instead of at home? An iPad app for digital intake forms  is the way to go. Here’s how it’ll help your practice:

  • Treatment plans & consent forms can be E-signed on the iPad
  • No more clipboards
  • High-resolution patient photos captured with one tap
  • Forms, Insurance cards & IDs synced with your PMS

Insurance Eligibility Verification Software

Verifying insurance eligibility the traditional way can be a nuisance for dental offices, and create long wait times for patients. It can also lead to claim denials and delays. 

  • Get fast eligibility verifications in 10 sec or less (with 180+ integrated payers)
  • Eligibility details received - maximums, status of coverage, all benefits, deductibles, limitations, co-insurance, etc (varies depending on the insurance company)
  • HIPAA compliant web-based platform gives dental staff the advantage of having access at any time from anywhere
  • Auto-upload eligibility reports to patients’ charts in your practice management system

Automated Appointment Reminders

Looking for a long-term solution to lost revenue from no-shows? Automated appointment reminders have proven to be the #1 effective solution for thousands of dental practices. Here’s why:

  • Improves show up rates
  • No more losing thousands in revenue from no-shows
  • Customized messages can be automated to reach patients at pre-scheduled days/times
  • The practice’s phone number can be used for SMS services
  • A link for patients to complete online intake forms can also be sent with reminders
  • Receive instant appointment confirmations from patients

2-Way SMS

Wondering what’s the most practical way to stay connected with patients? 2-Way SMS has become 10x more efficient for practices than phone calls or email. 2-way SMS has expanded to include the following:

  • Appointment Reminders 
  • Easy Rescheduling without phone calls
  • Request Missing Documents
  • Invoices & Billing info
  • Post op recovery care instructions
  • Important Notifications
  • Effective Recall System

Online Patient Scheduling

Did you know that an average dental practice misses 20% of phone calls? Online patient scheduling knocks that number down significantly by giving patients a convenient platform including the following gains:

  • Gives patients 24/7 access to book appointments from their own device, without a single phone call
  • Easy way to attract more clients 
  • Scheduling slots can be customized
  • Frees up front office staff from the phone

Accounts Receivable

Automated Accounts Receivable (AR) provides the fastest route for sending & collecting online payments from patients. Here’s a breakdown of how AR will boost your practice:

  • Providers Collect payments immediately 
  • Practices can Text or Email payment links to patients
  • Helps Practices avoid collections or missing payments
  • Integrated with Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft
  • Faster payment verification process than EMR systems alone

Virtual Consultations & Telehealth

Virtual consults are designed to boost patient base and increase office revenue for Cosmetic Dentists. One-on-one virtual interactions, and video recordings help providers convert prospects into patients easily.

Virtual consults are specifically tailored to meet the needs of growing dental offices. Potential clients can easily request a virtual consultation via the practice’s website, and set up a convenient time to interact via a video call, even outside of office hours. Benefits of Virtual Consults include:

  • Qualify Patients Before They Take up Chair Time
  • Convenience of Connecting with Prospects on Provider’s Own Time
  • Eliminates the Need to Sacrifice Work Hours
  • Prevent Prospect’s Delayed Decisions by Conveying Information Upfront
  • Convenient Way for Patients to Find out if their Dental Issues are Fixable
  • Personal Engagement via Video Before the Appointment

Telehealth provides for Interactive HD video and audio for dental care delivery to patients in the comfort of their own home. These virtual visits also enable dentists to streamline office operations, including patients’ record maintenance, appointment scheduling, patient registration, and administrative operations.

Telehealth can be used for a variety of visits:

  • Initial Consultations
  • Triage Emergency Visits
  • Pre-visit Screenings 
  • Posts-Op Visits without the Hassle of In-Office Appointments
  • Discuss Treatment Plans with Patients Virtually
  • Live Group Video Interactions with Referrals


Paperless dentistry has revolutionized practices long-term, cutting down time, money and stress. Going with a feature-rich system covering all your needs in one quick stop, is a no-brainer.  

Show your staff and patients how much you value them by creating healthy practices. Digitize your office with Paperless Intake Forms, Fast Insurance Verification, Automated Appointment Reminders, 2-Way SMS, Online Patient Scheduling, Automated Accounts Receivable, and Virtual Consults & Telehealth.

mConsent is the #1 innovative software, offering all the features you need to streamline your operations. Learn how mConsent can make your dental practice paperless.

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