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May 12, 2022




Does it take up a lengthy amount of chair time just collecting a patient’s medical history? It happens too often, and can cause your daily schedule to be held back.

What if there was a more efficient way to collect all the pertinent information needed about a patient’s medical history before the visit?

In this article we’ll discuss the most efficient way to go about collecting medical history from patients to create happy patients and staff.

Online Medical History Forms

Medical History Form

Online medical history forms, in addition to online intake forms, provide a 10x faster route of obtaining accurate patient history and information vs traditional paper forms.

Dental practices searching for a simpler, more effective way to collect a patient’s medical history and personal information before the visit, have been discovering the immense benefits of paperless forms.

Collecting patient history and information in the office on paper forms, trying to decipher messy handwriting, and asking further questions for better clarity, eats away valuable time and energy. Online medical and intake forms allow patients to fill out important information from the convenience of their sofa, add details about medical conditions or medications, and electronically sign.

Once submitted, online forms sync into the provider’s practice management system (Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, and Dolphin), sparing front office staff the hassle of manually inserting the information.

Integration of forms into your practice management system renders a clear view of the patient’s history and data before they even step into your office. Serving as a promising solution to saving hours daily, online medical history forms can gather an endless amount of useful information about a patient, including the following:

  • Personal Information
  • Address, Phone #, and email
  • Past operations or treatments
  • Previous or pre-existing medical conditions
  • Any symptoms or problems 
  • Family medical history 
  • Allergies (medications, food, material, etc)
  • Medications
  • Social history and substance use
  • Under care of physician

Taking Patient History Efficiently

Medical History Form

Conventional medical history forms have dreaded setbacks, like consuming valuable time, legibility issues with handwriting, and inaccuracies in manual data entries. 

To be a step ahead of other practices, and maintain high standing with patients, you’ll want to acquire an efficient route of collecting and recording patient history and data. Online medical history and intake forms have proven to be the perfect solution for thousands of practices across the US.

Using paperless forms cuts down 35% of documentation time, meaning no more backbreaking workloads of manual data entries, clipboards, or paper form headaches.

HIPAA Compliant Forms

Paper forms can carry an immense amount of risk when it comes to following HIPAA guidelines of patient privacy, discarding unwanted documents, and liability for loss or theft of personal data. Online medical history and intake forms provide a much more secured and promising route for HIPAA compliance.

End-to-end encryption of all forms secures patient data, and online access means no more missing charts, clipboards, or shredding.

Strict privacy and security regulations with online forms let you rest at ease, knowing that patient data is kept confidential and protected in accordance with HIPAA regulations.


Collecting patient history doesn’t have to be time-consuming or a burden on your staff. Your practice deserves to be at the cutting edge by embracing user-friendly, reliable software that gives patients the convenience they’re looking for, and simultaneously reduces documentation workload on your front office staff.

mConsent’s online medical history and intake forms have proven to be a revolutionary tool for 5,000+ practices and counting. Learn how mConsent can make your practice paperless and boost efficiency and profits.

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