5 Reasons your Dental Office should go with Paperless Forms


October 24, 2022




Tired of the long wait for your front office to import patient information? In the dental industry, we’re now witnessing a digital revolution that’s finally relieving front office staff of the cumbersome administrative workload.

Dentistry nowadays has been immensely impacted by advanced technology, improving the quality of patient care, and creating more efficient operations. We’ll go over how paperless forms have been making a difference.

Enhanced Efficiency

Switching to paperless forms has been shown to cut down 35% of documentation time for your front office. Going paperless means no more printing out paperwork for patients, no more scanning, and finally saying goodbye to manually inserting information. Patients are provided with self-service options, to complete paperless forms from home or at work, on any device.

They also have the ability to upload their ID, insurance card, medication list, and other documents remotely before the visit. With the bulk of the check-in process done from home, waiting room time is reduced by an astounding 80%.

Eliminating Human Errors

Human errors can be costly for your dental practice. Paperless forms are integrated directly into your practice management system (Open Dental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Dolphin) and eliminates the need for manual input from staff. This process provides you with better accuracy of information and reliable transfer.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

The foundation of your dental practice’s success lies in patient satisfaction. Happy patients means a happy bottom line. Stellar patient care, convenience, and efficiency of operations tend to stand out as the impactful points patients are critical of. With paperless forms, all 3 elements are met.

More time for one-on-one patient care is afforded with a paperless front office, as it frees up staff from administrative roadblocks. Patients can easily complete forms and capture their ID, insurance card, photo, etc remotely or in the office on an iPad.

Above all this, paperless forms have become the most efficient route of obtaining patient information and integrating it into the office’s practice management system.

Environmental Friendly

Going green means contributing to the protection of our environment. By switching to paperless forms, your office will be saving trees, reducing waste, and cutting down the need for paper-related supplies. You’ll become the trendsetter for other dental practices to follow.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Paper documentation comes with added security concerns. From incorrect disposal to unauthorized access, offices have the tremendous responsibility to uphold HIPAA privacy standards over thousands of confidential documents. Paperless forms resolve this issue as they are fully secured with end-to-end encryption, and are only accessible by authorized individuals. 


Revolutionizing your office into a paperless practice is a promising way to bring about improved efficiency, accuracy, patient satisfaction, security, and more. Thousands of dental practices have streamlined their operations with mConsent’s paperless forms, improving their efficiency, productivity, and bottom line. 

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