Replacing the Clipboard with Online Patient Intake Forms


August 25, 2022




Is your dental practice’s efficiency being held back by clipboards and paper forms? If your practice is still using old-fashioned manual intake processes, you may be inhibiting your own advancement, and depriving patients of the convenience and top care they deserve.

Let’s go over how you can scale up your practice, and give patients the ultimate experience they’re looking for.

Ditch Front Office Hassles for Good

From lengthy intake processes to manual entry errors, paper systems are naturally prone to downfalls. Frustrations of paper-based operations lead to staff burnout and unhappy patients.

We hear office managers saying how much better their workflow would be if they could finally say goodbye to the following:

  • Illegible handwriting and missing signatures
  • Lost charts and insufficient storage space
  • Printer jams, ink shortage, paper clutter
  • Manual data entries and errors
  • Long waits for patients and staff
  • Claim denials due to incorrect information
  • The list goes on…

The most widely accepted solution for the above-mentioned challenges is none other than streamlining with paperless software. Let’s dig deeper into how going paperless brings about the changes offices and patients are looking for.

Automated Front Office Hand

Automated Front Office Hand

Needless to say, using digital technology - eg. online patient intake forms, simplifies tedious tasks and provides an automated front office hand. With a 35% drop in documentation time, it seems too good to be true, but front office managers have attested to the drastic increase in efficiency, and improved time-management brought about by online patient intake forms.  

Proper time and care can be given to patients rather than spending hours shuffling between paperwork, scanning, printing, and searching for files. With an automated front office hand, your office will be able to save an average of $60K+ annually. Patients will gain the advantages of:

  • Self-serve online form completion from home
  • Remotely capture Insurance card, ID, photo, list of medications, etc 
  • Alternative option to use In-office iPad App for form completion 
  • Eliminates the need for front office data entries/scanning
  • 100X better patient satisfaction

Online patient intake forms are a win-win for both dental practices and patients. On top of the tremendous benefits going paperless brings to your front office, patients are finally given a type of freedom they’ve never experienced before. 

Democratizing Dental Care Delivery

Giving patients the freedom they’re looking for means embracing self-service options that place clients in the driver’s seat. Online patient intake forms are invaluable for streamlining the entire intake process, cutting a dramatic 80% of waiting room time, saving 20 minutes per patient, and providing the perfect avenue for patient engagement.

When patients can fill out digital forms at their leisure on the living room sofa, it’s 100X more refreshing than being rushed to get the paperwork done in a crowded waiting room. That sense of autonomy gives patients a positive impression of your practice and creates loyalty and a steady stream of referrals.


If you’ve never pictured your dental office without paper forms, clipboards, printers, scanners, etc – now is the perfect time to hop onboard. Online patient intake forms provide a promising avenue for a better patient experience and a revolutionary front office transformation.

Learn how mConsent’s online patient intake forms will save your practice an average of $60,000 annually, and create the perfect front office you’ve always dreamed of.

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