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Saving Your Dental Practice From Social Media Sharing Conundrum


August 2, 2022




Does your Dental Practice connect with patients via social media? New age social media platforms are not only impacting how businesses influence consumers, but have transformed the dental industry. Practices have taken advantage of social media platforms by marketing to potential patients. Today, just about every health industry has reaped benefits of using Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to attract more clients.

HIPAA Compliance Online

Using Social Media for advertising and gaining the attention of patients looking for a dentist works wonders for most practices. One overlooked reality that’s rarely discussed is that of maintaining HIPAA compliance while posting. Slip ups happen when practices forget to obtain consent before posting on social media, and suffer serious consequences as a result. 

HIPAA policies were created to protect patients' privacy and prevent practitioners from sharing patient information without proper consent. HIPAA compliance online is vital for every practice due to the sensitivity of patient information, and social media is no exception to the rules of HIPAA privacy laws.

Is Your Dental Practice Immune?

If you think your dental practice is immune to facing consequences of HIPAA violations, check out this article about a dental office facing a hefty $10,000 fine in a case involving patient privacy violation on social media. Don’t become blindly captivated by the plethora of dental practices posting before and after images of dental work, or patient testimonials. Before following their footsteps, be sure to obtain patients’ documented consent for social media sharing.

Management of Social Media Posts

Management of Social Media Posts

Who manages social media accounts for your dental practice? If staff are responsible for posting on your social media accounts, it’s imperative to keep them updated on regulations pertaining to HIPAA compliance online. Regular training sessions with updates on HIPAA rules and regulations will refresh them to avoid sharing anything online that may put your practice in jeopardy.

Does your practice have a Social Media Consent Form in place that’s been legally reviewed and is available for patients to sign?

Safeguard your Dental Practice by Downloading our Complimentary Social Media Consent Form

Social Media Consent

*Note: This form is for informational purposes and any documents used in your practice should be carefully evaluated.


Social media platforms can boost your patient base via marketing and sharing before and after photos, patient testimonials, and impressive dental work. However, keeping your posts aligned with rules pertaining to HIPAA Compliance online is crucial to prevent violating privacy rules. 

Being aware of, and implementing HIPAA privacy rules and regulations online, will save your practice from the consequences of serious penalties and a tarnished reputation. Be sure to download our editable Social Media Consent Form to obtain patients’ consent and help safeguard your practice.

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