Top 4 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Paperless Dental Software


April 27, 2022




Dental Software has become the hottest trend for dental offices since the onset of COVID. Streamlining office operations makes running the administrative and business aspects of a dental practice 20x easier. Dental Software provides features that give autonomy to office staff, freeing them from mundane laborious tasks, so their time can be better spent on high quality patient care.

Benefits of Dental Software?

Dental Software has proven to serve as a long-term solution for eliminating manual front office administrative work. It takes the load off having to multitask, improves staff-patient relations, and boosts office productivity.

With the latest advancements in Dental Software features, your practice can finally say good-bye to:
  • Clipboards and paper forms
  • Manual insertion of patient info
  • Missing patient signatures
  • Lost charts
  • Phone tag with patient scheduling and reminders 
  • Insurance delays and denials
  • Paper invoices and late payments

Paperless Dental Software gives you a streamlined experience that multiplies office efficiency 20x, and provides a quick return on your investment. Having a one-stop shop for all your integration needs, eases operations for your staff and patients.

Choosing the right software is made easier by evaluating four things:

  • Software Features
  • User and Staff Experience
  • Cost and ROI
  • Software Reputation

Software Features

Which features have the biggest bang for your buck?

With a plethora of Dental software companies to select from, it helps to know from dentists with experience which ones will be of the greatest value for your practice. We’ll share a quick glance of features dental practices have valued the most, along with aspects that make them top selections.

1. Paperless Intake Forms

How will paperless intake forms benefit your practice?

  • Reduces paper-related expenses for your office
  • Attracts tech-savvy clients looking for convenient services
  • Improved efficiency and productivity, cutting down 35% of documentation time
  • Direct integration into your PMS (Opendental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix)
  • Frees your front office from tedious tasks, allowing them to provide better one-on-one patient care

2. Fast Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • Get insurance eligibility reports in 10 sec or less
  • Reduces hassles of phone calls
  • Full integration with 180+ Insurance payers
  • Syncs with major PMS 

3. Automated Accounts Receivable

  • Latest technology catered for patient convenience
  • Text/email digital invoices to patients for fast online payments
  • Collect fees directly on your website
  • Reduces delayed AR collection time
  • Integrated with Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft

4. Online Patient Scheduling

  • 24/7 patient access from any location & device
  • No more missed calls from new prospects
  • Ditch the manual appointment book, freeing up your front office
  • 80% of patients prefer to book appointments online

5. Automated Appointment Reminders & 2-Way SMS

  • Improves show-up rates to boost profits
  • Reduces multitasking by front office
  • Convenient for better patient satisfaction
  • Enables quick confirmation reply from patients
  • 2-Way communication channel eliminates the need for phone calls

User & Staff Experience

User and staff experience directly correlates with the convenience and level of ease provided. Dental Software that is user-friendly and simple, will be much more effective than complicated systems requiring frequent calls for support. 


  • How much time will this save patients and staff
  • Is it easy to understand and use
  • Will it manage administrative tasks for your front office, giving them more time for patients

Cost and ROI

The first thing on your mind when selecting dental software, is inevitably cost. Take a step back when comparing costs to ensure that you have a full picture of what’s included, how it’ll benefit you long-term, and how it’ll affect your return on investment.


  • What will be the long-term gain from the software
  • What financial and time savings will this provide for your office

Remember, high-quality investments boost income and reduce loss, improving your overall ROI.

Software Reputation

Trustworthiness is of prime importance before embracing any software. The most proven way to select a trustworthy software is to learn from your colleagues and verified client reviews. Clients who have tried and tested dental software can tell you how it has overall impacted their practice. 


  • Reputation and track record of software provider
  • All-staff access to support resources
  • Training methods
  • Transition support


Choosing the best paperless Dental Software for your practice is made easier with the right approach. The success of your office depends heavily on a smooth front office flow, and patient satisfaction. By making healthy adjustments to office operations, you can eliminate the heavy burden on your team’s shoulders.

Streamlining your office with Paperless Intake Forms, Fast Insurance Verification, Automated Accounts Receivable, Online Patient Scheduling, and Automated Appointment Reminders with 2-Way SMS, will save hours of manual labor, freeing up your staff and improving patient satisfaction.

Learn how mConsent software can help your dental practice.

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