Top 4 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Paperless Dental Software


April 27, 2022


Are you aware that Dental software has become an essential tool for modern dental practices? Going paperless not only streamlines office operations, but also boosts productivity, and enhances overall patient experience. With dental software, less time is spent on administrative tasks, and more time on patient care.  

Choosing the right dental software doesn’t have to be rocket science. A solution that checks all the boxes like features, experience, cost, and reputation, is one to look into. Let’s discuss the top 4 things to consider during your search:


 1. Key Software Features


The right software features can revolutionize the way your dental office runs. Prioritize solutions that automate tedious tasks while integrating smoothly across your practice. Some important features to look for include:


Paperless Intake Forms: Digital forms cut down costs and clutter while enabling patients to complete forms from their own device before the appointment. This shaves down intake time dramatically. Integrations with your practice management system makes the entire process seamless.


Insurance Eligibility Verification: Instant eligibility verification through integrated dental software reduces phone tag with insurance providers. Dental software allows insurance to be verified in just 10 seconds. 


Text-2-Pay: Paperless billing and integrated payment processing enables faster collections from patients via digital invoices sent via text and email, along with payment reminders. 


Online Scheduling: Smart practices offer patients 24/7 self-service booking access. This allows prospective patients to schedule appointments on their own time, easily. 


Appointment Reminders and 2-Way SMS: Automated reminders reduce no-shows while allowing patients to confirm appointments via text. Two-way messaging is more convenient than playing phone tag.


Patient Messaging: Do last-minute cancellations put a dent in your revenue? Patient messaging with “Quick Fill” solves the problem. Automated text, and email messaging reaches patients fast, back-filling canceled appointments within minutes.

Customizable templates allow your practice to deliver appointment reminders, promotional offers, and much more at the right time in the preferred channel—text, or email. You’ll be able to keep patients informed with automated 2-way messaging, and watch your revenue climb.


Smart Phone: With Smart Phone's integrations and advanced call system, you’ll be able to view caller ID before answering.

Call notifications containing the patient's name, phone number, and details, will appear on your practice dashboard. This allows staff to easily identify if the caller is a new or existing patient.  

The system provides a full patient snapshot with demographics, upcoming appointments, recalls, insurance on file, call logs, unpaid invoices, and unscheduled family members.

There are automated text messaging replies for missed calls to patients, and callbacks can be initiated directly from the dashboard.


Treatment Plan Reminders:  Getting patients to commit to necessary treatment plans poses a common challenge for dental practices, resulting in low case acceptance rates. However, with automated treatment plan reminders, offices can see increased scheduling compliance by 20%.

These customized reminders gently educate patients about the significance of recommended procedures while also nudging them to book an appointment for outstanding care.

By sending periodic follow-ups regarding pending treatment plans, dental teams take the extra step to inform patients and drive scheduling without the hassle of manual reminders. Ultimately, automated messages lend a helping hand so staff can focus less on chasing down patients and more time caring for them.


Reputation Management: Struggling to improve your online reputation? With automated reputation management, obtaining more positive patient feedback is easy.

The system sends text review requests to patients at peak satisfaction moments after checkout. With impressive open rates over 90%, patients need just a few easy clicks to leave five-star reviews.

Within 100 days, expect to amass 100 glowing testimonials. Seamlessly integrated or standalone, this reputation booster eradicates negative review headaches so you can boost your online reputation.

Reputation Management

2. Intuitive User & Staff Experience

Even features packed with potential will fall flat if the dental software isn't intuitive. Look for solutions with a focus on convenience and ease-of-use. All staff members should be able to navigate the software with minimal training. Patients will embrace technology that simplifies their experience as well.  


3. Cost-Effectiveness for Maximum ROI

Cost-Effectiveness for Maximum ROI

The best dental software delivers exponential returns on investment by automating time-consuming tasks, accelerating collections, boosting patient volume, and more. Take a big picture view when weighing costs rather than fixating on price tags alone. The right solution pays for itself many times over.


4. Stellar Industry Reputation

Vet any potential software thoroughly before purchasing. Branded solutions with a proven track record in the dental industry inspire confidence. Look beyond sales pitches to authentic client testimonials. What dentists and staff say about a solution says more than any claims from vendors. 



Finding dental software to meet your practice's unique needs is simplified when you know what to look for. Prioritize automated features like paperless forms, accelerated insurance verification, simplified billing and robust patient communication.

Choose solutions with convenience at the core to ensure staff adoption and patient satisfaction. Calculate total value based on hard and soft cost savings as well as revenue gains.

Finally, let client experiences point you towards reputable, results-driven software solutions, such as mConsent's paperless tools, to transform your practice for the better.

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