What are 5 Simple Steps for Optometrists to Go Paperless?


November 6, 2020




Boosting your optometry practice with paperless technology has never been easier! mConsent simplifies the process of converting to digital patient forms by providing you with an easy-to-follow online dashboard and readily available tools at your fingertips. Embracing automated forms means no more hassle of paper forms or scanning of patient documents into your system. We do all the work for you by streamlining the process! 

5 Steps for Optometrists to Go Paperless

First, immediately after signing up you will receive login information that will give you access to your personal mconsent account.

Once you have logged into your account you’ll be able to view your dashboard along with the many features provided. All standard forms, including registration, consent, privacy and more, along with our library of forms will be at your fingertips.

You’ll be able to view training videos, available from your dashboard, right after signing up with mConsent.

Scheduling for installation or integration of mConsent into your EHR system can also be done on the mConsent portal along with the ability to communicate with technical support as needed. 

Summary of 5 steps to make your office paperless with mConsent

  1. Log in & activate your account
  2. Review default standard forms available for use
  3. Edit or add more forms via Form Editor. We can customize forms for you to upload. Select additional forms from our library.
  4. Schedule Integration into your EHR software (for examWRITER and Crystal PM). Others  can start using our online forms immediately.
  5. View training videos on your dashboard or schedule training at your convenience.
Summary of 5 steps to make your office paperless with mConsent


mConsent simplifies the process of switching from paper forms to automated forms with 5 easy steps. Your optometry office will be on it’s way to increased productivity, efficiency, financial savings and overall satisfaction by joining mConsent. 

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