Charting a Path to Personalized Care: The Role of Medical History Forms in Dentistry

It’s important to understand the vital role that meticulous documentation plays in providing quality care. One area that often requires attention in dental offices is the medical history form. Capturing accurate and comprehensive patient information is not only essential for diagnosis and treatment, but also crucial for legal compliance. In this article, we will delve […]

Mitigating Legal Risks: How Consent Forms Can Help Prevent Dental Malpractice Claims

As a dental practice owner, you understand the importance of providing quality care to your patients while minimizing legal risks. Dental malpractice claims can have severe consequences, both financially and professionally. However, there are proactive steps you can take to protect your practice and mitigate these risks. One crucial tool in your arsenal is the […]

Why Practices are Switching to Digital Patient Intake Forms

Reasons to Switch to Digital Patient Intake Forms in Your Dental Practice An electronic version of the conventional paper patient intake form used in dental offices to collect data on a patient’s dental history, current oral health condition, and other pertinent information is known as a digital intake form. The form is filled out on […]




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