5 Tips for Maximum Efficiency with Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Open Dental


January 25, 2022


Going Paperless

Paper documentation comes with drawbacks, like the amount of time patients spend filling out paperwork, illegible handwriting, organizing, and searching for lost charts. Digital innovation resolves these challenges, making forms and patient documents readily available at your fingertips.

By using innovative software that integrates with your PMS, you can skyrocket efficiency, improve patient conversion and retention, and reduce administrative tasks, simultaneously. We’ll go over some tips on how to maximize efficiency with your PMS.

(1) Best Tool to Boost Productivity

Small and large practices alike have been cutting down 35% of front desk documentation time by streamlining the check-in process with paperless intake forms that integrate into their PMS.

By eliminating the headaches of manual administrative burdens, they’re easing tensions and improving staff-customer relations. Front desk staff have less work to juggle, and patients have less waiting time. Paperless Intake forms have served as a key magnet in improving office efficiency. The main benefits of paperless dental forms are listed below:

  1. An entire library of customizable, branded Dental forms are available in Digital Systems: Registration, consents, HIPAA forms, medical history, Spanish forms, and more.
  2. Patients can remotely complete all online forms, along with capturing IDs, insurance cards, photos, and other documents, e-sign, and submit, all before the visit. This helps slow the spread of viral transmission, reduces waiting room time, decreases office workload, creates environmentally friendly practices, cuts down on paper-related expenses, and provides convenience for patients.
  3. All forms and submitted information directly integrate into major Practice Management Systems including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental, doing away with tedious manual data entry.

For Patients Who Prefer In-Office Digital Forms, Branded On-Site iPad Apps work wonders for speeding up the intake process.

Six benefits of In-Office paperless Intake forms include:
  • Treatment Plans & Consent Forms can be E-signed Right On the iPad
  • No more Clipboards
  • High-resolution Patient Photos can be captured with One Tap
  • Insurance cards & IDs can be synced with practice management software
  • Directly transfers completed forms to the provider’s PMS

(2) Improve Show-up Rates

Customized reminder messages can be set up quickly and reach patients in a set of pre-scheduled text messages before the appointment. The practice’s phone number can be used for SMS services. Digital intake forms can be sent with reminders for patients to complete remotely. Patients can also upload IDs, insurance cards, and any other requested documents from home.

2-way texting is combined with appointment reminders, enabling dental offices to receive instant appointment confirmations from patients, and giving ample time for patients to reschedule or cancel appointments as needed, so that slots can be filled up by other patients.

Automated appointment reminders sent via 2-way SMS and email allow you to effortlessly manage appointments and improve show-up rates. Your check-in process becomes simplified, and patients and staff will love you for it.

(3) Minimize Staff Workload

24/7 access for patients to book appointments is provided via online scheduling. Clients will have the convenience to schedule appointments during & outside of office hours, from their own device, without a single phone call.

Online scheduling provides an easy way to attract more clients, meeting them where they are. Dental practices can customize their scheduling forms, personalize slots, and send appointment reminders and intake forms to patients via SMS/Email.

Online appointments also allow dental practices to get insurance info from patients, quickly verify eligibility, conveniently send digital forms to patients, and receive submitted forms in their practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft). No more need for your staff to manage appointment books or manually insert scheduling information.

Online scheduling empowers patients to book an appointment anytime, from any location, without a single phone call!

(4) Get Stress-Free Insurance Verification

Verifying insurance eligibility the traditional way can be a nuisance for dental offices, and create long wait times for patients. It can also lead to claim denials and delays. Insurance verification software aims to resolve this issue with real time verifications in under 10 seconds. This web-based platform gives dental staff the advantage of having access to verification reports at any time.

Eligibility details received (maximums, status of coverage, all benefits, deductibles, limitations, co-insurance, etc) vary depending on the insurance company.
Eligibility reports are auto-uploaded to patient’s charts in your practice management system. Team members no longer have to be on the phone for hours with insurance companies. Insurance verification software boosts office efficiency multifold.

(5) Remote Dental Care

Remote dental care has become a hot trend since the start of COVID. Virtual consultations, an in-demand feature, is designed to boost patient base and increase office revenue for Cosmetic Dentists. One-on-one virtual interactions, and video recordings help providers convert prospects into patients easily.

Virtual consults are specifically tailored to meet the needs of growing dental offices. It simplifies the communication process by directly connecting providers with interested prospects. Potential clients can easily request a virtual consultation via the practice’s website, and set up a convenient time to interact via a video call, even outside of office hours.

Here are 5 Reasons Patients Prefer Virtual Consults:

  • Convenient Way to Find out if their Dental Issues are Fixable
  • Perfect Opportunity to Evaluate the Dentist Before Committing
  • Estimated Cost & Treatment Plan Given in Advance
  • Eliminates the Need to Sacrifice Work Hours
  • Personal Engagement via Video Before the Appointment

Here are 5 Reasons Cosmetic Dentists Are Adopting Virtual Consults:

  • Qualify Patients Before They Take up Chair Time
  • Convenience of Connecting with Prospects on Provider’s Own Time
  • Directly Interact with Patients - Breaks Down Communication Gaps
  • Prevent Prospect’s Delayed Decisions by Conveying Information Upfront
  • Affordable & Fully Secured

Telehealth has become a popular virtual option for dental care delivery to patients in the comfort of their own home. These virtual visits are indispensable for providing an alternative to certain in-office visits, and also enable dentists to streamline office operations, including patients’ record maintenance, appointment scheduling, patient registration, and management of inquiries.

Telehealth can be used for a number of visits:

  • Initial Consultations
  • Triage Emergency Visits
  • Pre-visit Screenings
  • Posts-Op Visits without the Hassle of In-Office Appointments
  • Discuss Treatment Plans with Patients Virtually
  • Live Group Video Interactions with Referrals

Dental practices embracing telehealth software enjoy numerous features:

  • Interactive HD video and audio
  • Link provided for communication services
  • Ability to access telehealth on any device
  • Send online consent forms, packets and reminders to patients via email and text
  • Customer support services
  • Send payment requests to patients via email and text
  • Collect payments remotely and provide online receipts
  • Detailed billing information
  • Secured end-to-end encryption of collection, storage and transmission of data
  • 100% HIPAA compliance

(6) Automate Tracking of Payment Collections

Late patient payments are a hassle, and can linger on if not tracked properly. Automated Accounts Receivable with Digital Billing provides the fastest route for sending & collecting online payments from patients. It also allows for quick tracking of balances, letting providers know when payments are received, or overdue.

Benefits of Automated Accounts Receivable include:

  • Providers Collect payments immediately 
  • Practices can Text or Email payment links to patients
  • Helps Practices avoid collections or missing payments
  • User-friendly dashboard for tracking balances with a few clicks:
    • Outstanding Balances
    • Pending Payments
    • Payments Received
  • Integrated with Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft
  • Faster payment verification process than PMS systems alone


Getting the most benefit out of your practice management system involves streamlining your office, saving hours of backbreaking administrative work, and boosting office revenue. By using innovative software that directly integrates with your PMS, you’ll skyrocket efficiency, improve patient conversion and retention, enable faster payment collections, improve patient convenience, and reduce manual operations. Patients and staff will find your office operations to be stress-free and simplified. Learn more about how mConsent can streamline your operations.

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