7 Tips for Streamlining Your Patient Intake Forms [Infographics]


May 13, 2024


Optimising efficiency helps dental practices gain a competitive advantage in the evolving digital world of today. Patient intake forms can become a bottleneck in the workflow although they are crucial for gathering essential patient information.

In this blog we will talk about 7 actionable tips including digital solutions to customizations for streamlining your patient intake workflow. These tips will help ensure a smoother experience for your staff and patients.

1. Use Electronic Forms: Digitise your paper forms to reduce paperwork and streamline data collection in your dental practice.

2. Keep Forms Simple: Improve efficiency and enhance patient experience through simplifying forms.

3. Use Clear Language: Use plain and easy-to-understand language to communicate effectively with patients.

4. Provide Clear Instructions: Use precise instructions to help patients fill out forms correctly.

5. Use Checkboxes and Drop-Down Menus: Easy selection options simplify data entry process and reduce errors.

6. Prioritise Required Information: Save time and streamline intake process by focusing on essential details.

7. Review and Update Forms Regularly: Regularly update forms according to changes in your practice and patient needs.

Read more to learn about 7 Tips for Streamlining Your Patient Intake Forms. Discover how mConsent helps dental practices improve operational efficiency by simplifying patient intake with electronic forms, precise instructions and customizable options.

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