What are 5 tips to Improve your Dental Practice?


October 16, 2020




Dentists are persistently searching for the most effective ways to attract and retain more clientele. Although every practice can approach it differently, we will review 5 practical ways to help your dental office stand out above the rest.

1. Market what’s Unique About your Services

Effective marketing is the key to success for any dental practice. Being able to communicate to your local community why your practice is unique, will lead them to pursue more information about your services. Dentists who have received awards, recognition for accomplishments, extensive training, and decades of experience already have an advantage in regards to great marketing material. 

Specializing in a certain field of dentistry is definitely a plus. For practices that offer specialties, like orthodontics, marketing your specialty will attract those interested in your particular services, like braces or invisalign. Even if you only offer general dentistry, you can still display your uniqueness by embracing tools that patients find convenient, like automated patient forms, digital billing and tele-dentistry.

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Featuring these tools on your website, social media accounts and ads is a simple and affordable way to show patients that your office is modernized and prioritizes patient convenience.  An additional idea is to show your participation in local community events and projects. Find your community interests and demonstrate your involvement as an engaged community business. 

2. Digitize - Going Paperless reduces the spread of COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients are anxious to visit a dentist due to the possibility of contracting  coronavirus. In a typical dental office, patients are required to fill out paper intake forms, consent forms, medical history forms and so forth. They are then asked to pull out their ID, insurance card, medication list and previous health records for the office to scan or copy.

The exchange of all these items can create paranoia in patients who want to limit the number of objects they have to touch. By making your office paperless, you will reduce patient anxiety and concern about having to touch so many things in the office. By offering patients digital forms that can be completed at home and the convenience of scanning their ID, insurance card and documents remotely, the need for paper in the office is eliminated.

Digital forms are easily merged into your EMR software, saving you and office personnel a significant amount of  time and energy. Converting to digital forms is a simple way to appeal to clients looking for a dental office that effectively embraces technology to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

3. Provide Self-pay Patients Discounted  & Flexible Financial Options

For patients who do not have dental insurance, the cost of dental care can become quite a heavy burden. Self-pay clients tend to lean towards dentists that offer dental savings packages, coupons, competitive rates for the services they need, and financing options. Uninsured patients who require extensive dental management are more likely to prioritize dentists that offer flexible long-term payment plans over those with limited options.

An easy way to build your patient base is with “limited-time-offer” coupons for routine cleanings, dentures and specialty services like orthodontics. To establish patient loyalty and retain uninsured clients, consider offering affordable dental savings packages for families and individuals.

Offering financing options will help patients feel at ease that they can receive the dental care they need without having to pay everything up front.  Offering a variety of payment options will attract more self-pay clients to your dental practice.

4. Ensuring Office Staff demonstrate proper Patient Communication Etiquette

When patients walk into your dental practice, the first interaction they will have is with your front office staff. Receptionists that greet patients with a warm smile, giving them full attention, are providing a positive first impression. On the contrary, a client who is not greeted or given proper attention is less likely to return due to poor communication etiquette.

Likewise, when clients call your office to schedule an appointment, it’s vital for the receptionist to communicate in a pleasant tone, with exceptional manners. Throughout the entire exam patients will be very observant of body language and mannerisms of dental assistants and team members, in addition to the dentist. Ensuring that all office team members are treating patients in the highest regard is essential to attracting more clients along with retaining your patient base.

5. Improve your Office Appeal 

Dental practices that maintain an appealing, clean and organized office image send positive vibes to clients. Modernizing the office with a high-tech appearance gives patients the impression that your practice is contemporary and up-to-date with advanced technology. When patients see that your office has adopted devices that allow top quality dental services, they’ll feel reassured that they’re receiving the best care possible.

Embracing an EMR system along with digital technology that utilizes automated forms, online bill payments and tele-dentistry provides the additional convenience of patients being able to complete forms, scan their ID, insurance card and necessary documents at home before coming for their dental visit. Digital software also assists in the cleanliness and organization of an office by reducing the need for paper.

Tele-dentistry provides both dentists and patients the opportunity to communicate virtually for consultations, triage emergency care and to determine if a patient needs to be seen in-office for treatment. Improvement of your overall office appearance is important to appeal to clients looking for a contemporary, organized dental practice. 


 To draw clients to your dental practice it’s essential to invest time and energy into going above and beyond the standard practice. Effectively market what makes your practice unique. Modernize your office with paperless options to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Provide self-pay patients with a variety of financial options including affordable dental packages, discounts, coupons & flexible financial options. Properly train staff and ensure that all team members are demonstrating excellent patient communication etiquette. Maintain a contemporary appeal and keep your office clean and organized to attract clients looking for a modernized, high quality practice.

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