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August 30, 2022




Is a heavy workload placing your staff on edge? Or are you facing a staff shortage that makes it a nuisance to manage your daily demands and retain patients?

The good news is that 6 effective solutions are at your disposal to provide a fast, automated front desk hand to complete operations for you, and keep both patients and staff satisfied.

Let's get to it…

6 Innovative Paperless Dental Office Solutions

Get yourself ready to take a tour of the paperless dental office you’ve always dreamed of. That dream can become a reality just as it has for thousands of dental practices nationwide. Let's dive into the most highly recognized paperless tools utilized by dental offices, that have completely won over patients and staff.

1. Paperless Forms

Dentists and office managers have discovered a secret to saving 35% of documentation time. Paperless intake forms have become the magic wand to secure reliable automation of paperwork, and seamless integration into practice management software. It eliminates printing, manual data entry errors, scanning, lost files, shredding, and the list goes on.

Paperless forms are far more convenient for patients, empowering them with self-service options to complete forms online from anywhere, at any time before the visit, or alternatively in the office on an iPad app. 

2. Automated Appointment Reminders 

Automated appointment reminders serve as an ultimate stress reliever for office managers, and provide ease and convenience for patients. They enable your staff to finally say goodbye to needing multiple hands for managing phone calls, on top of all the paperwork, and other daily tasks.

With auto appointment reminders via SMS/email, patients no longer need that phone call reminder from your office - they can reply to the SMS/email with a confirmation, or reschedule/cancel. It’s a huge hands-off relief for staff, affording them more time for better patient care.

3. Online Appointment Scheduling

Did you know that 20% of new patient phone calls are missed? Wouldn’t it be to your benefit to catch all those new patient opportunities? Online appointment scheduling is the perfect solution, giving patients more self-serve options to take control of booking their own appointment online without the need for a single phone call to the office. 

With 24/7 access to scheduled visits from any device, you’ll discover more patients filling up your schedule than ever before. Additionally, your front office can finally ditch manual appointment books. Online scheduling accommodates the needs of patients better and releases your front office from having to manage a vast number of phone calls every day.

4. 2-Way SMS

2 way sms

Are endless phone calls really the best use of staff time? What if there was a faster, more convenient route for managing patient inquiries, and transmitting important information? There is, and it’s been discovered to be 10X more effective than phone calls or emails. It’s via 2-Way SMS real-time communication.

2-way texting allows providers to send notifications, attachments, appointment reminders, and billing links, in addition to countless other uses.

Giving patients the convenience to use their preferred route of communication via texting is smart thinking. Phone calls from the office have become a thing of the past. Texting gives patients the quick connection they’re looking for.

5. Fast Insurance Verification

Automated insurance verification has become a hot feature among dental practices. A major reason is that it provides instant eligibility reports, saving your front office hours every day. If you’re looking to be a favorite in the eyes of your patients, automated insurance verification is definitely your go-to.

From the front office perspective, traditional ways of verifying eligibility create stress and divert valuable time away from patient care. Automated insurance verification, on the other hand, reduces 30% of front desk time, serving as a huge time-saver.

Additionally, it prevents errors before they even begin, drastically reducing claim denials and delays. Patients love how fast and accurate automated insurance verification is. It cuts down 40% of their waiting room time and boosts satisfaction 4X.

6. Fast Payments

Fast Payments

What if you could finally put an end to late payments? How sweet that’d be, and the awesome fact is that it’s already been tried and tested by dental offices nationwide.

Digital accounts receivable optimize payments while diminishing the need for manual processes. It helps get payments 20X faster than usual by giving patients the hassle-free convenience they’re looking for in digital payment options.

For dental practices, being able to text/email payment links helps to avoid late or missing payments. Digital accounts receivable also keep you on track of payment status and balances, without stress. Integration with major practice management systems like Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft streamline the process making it 100X more efficient than manual processes.


If you’re wanting to give your front office healthy practices and improve the flow of operations, becoming a paperless dental office is your most promising solution. From shaving down 35% of documentation time with paperless intake forms to room time and cutting 40% of waiting with automated insurance verification, digital innovations are the new trend for revolutionizing the dental industry.

mConsent’s paperless solutions suite has successfully transformed 5000+ practices and can take yours to the next level as well.

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