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Emerging Trends in Dental Software


July 18, 2022



Is backbreaking administrative work becoming a serious problem for your dental practice? Are you looking for strategies that will help retain your front office staff and reduce patient complaints? We’ll go over emerging trends in dental software that have been top of the line in simplifying the process for patients and in freeing your front desk staff from the shackles of tedious work. First, let’s take a step back before diving in, to evaluate the daily job routine of office managers. These tasks include:
  • Lengthy patient documentation 
  • Manually inputting patient data 
  • Stressful insurance verification process
  • Late payments from patients
  • Claim delays and denials
  • Multi-tasking phone calls with managing in-office patients
  • Handling patient complaints
Needless to say, with so many responsibilities, it’s no surprise to see high staff turnover, and poor patient recall rate. So how can your dental practice give staff the autonomy they’re wanting and provide patients with convenience, freedom of self-service options, and high quality care?   Here are some sure-fire ways:

Patient Intake Forms

Office managers don’t enjoy arranging and collecting stacks of paperwork from back-to-back patients everyday. Not to mention dealing with paper jams, missing patient signatures, lost charts, and scanning. Paperless intake forms have served as a huge relief for office managers tired of documentation burdens, allowing them more time to do what they enjoy - patient care.  By automating your documentation process, forms integrate directly into your practice management system, sparing your staff from the headaches of manual data entries, scanning, and human errors. Automation helps build a healthier staff work environment, and increases productivity.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders Making patients call to schedule an appointment, and reminding patients of appointments via phone calls are things of the past. Online scheduling has made a turnaround as the option of preference for staff and patients, as it frees up your staff from the phone, and gives patients the convenience to book appointments on their own time. Automated appointment reminders make it easier to reach patients without a single phone call, using the patient-preferred route of SMS/email. 


If there’s anything that keeps your front staff under pressure, it’s trying to collect payments on time from patients, along with maintaining accuracy in billing metrics. The advantage of having Dental software with automated accounts receivable, is that it allows for fast payments online, and maintains tabs on billing for your office, improving the accuracy of billing information, and freeing your staff from the stressful load on their shoulders. 

Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification Do lengthy insurance verifications tie your front office to the phone? With fast automated insurance verification, eligibility reports can be at your fingertips within seconds. Accuracy is another prime advantage of automating your insurance eligibility verification process to reduce claim delays or denials. Dental practices using the old fashioned phone call verification method can benefit tremendously by embracing advanced eligibility tools.


Emerging trends in dental technology have brought enormous benefits for dental practices. Now is the time to transform your practice and improve your quality of patient care.  Embrace innovative solutions to establish healthy work routines for your staff, better performance, and a stress-free work environment. mConsent has transformed 5000+ practices and can help your dental practice boost efficiency, productivity, and patient satisfaction.
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