What are 5 ways to Get More Patients in a Dental Office?


November 20, 2020




Drawing in more patients is the goal of every dentist. How to make it happen takes some effort, dedication and creativity. If done successfully, you’ll see your patient base grow and your practice revenue increase. We’ll briefly go over 5 ways to attract more clients.

1. Generate Interest: Have a captivating Website & Social Media presence

When prospective clients are searching for a dentist, the first place they typically  go is online to read reviews and check out dental websites. If your practice does not have an online presence, you’ll be missing out on a huge chunk of potential clients.

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Having a practice website is a fundamental start, which is affordable and easy to set up. Going beyond this and also giving your practice a social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is essential to reach a larger audience.

2. Prioritize & Advertise Patient Comfort

Aside from cost, a common aversion that keeps many clients from visiting the dentist is discomfort. This fear is understandable as pain is frequently associated with dental procedures. To alleviate this fear and attract more clients, dentists need to relay the message that patient comfort is a top priority.

This can easily be done by carefully crafting marketing terminology and imagery. Let potential clients know about the methods and technology you provide to ensure minimal discomfort throughout the dental visit.

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3. Encourage Patient Reviews & Referrals

Positive patient reviews serve as a hallmark for drawing in prospective clients. If your office lacks reviews on popular sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and so forth, your practice will more than likely be quickly passed over.

Encouraging your satisfied patients to leave reviews on your website, social media accounts and other pages will certainly boost the number of positive reviews you’ll receive and in turn increase interest from potential patients.

It would be beneficial to also reach out to established clients for referrals. This can be done while the client is in the office or included in friendly emails and texts that provide patients with a chance to post reviews.

4. Go Paperless & High Tech

Tech-savvy clients are always looking for modernized dental practices that embrace automated forms, online dental scheduling, digital bill pay and advanced technology. Investing in digital technology will serve as a magnet for attracting patients along with creating an efficient, productive office in the log run.

Automated forms give patients the convenience of completing all their forms and scanning documents remotely from home before the visit. Online scheduling and digital bill pay provide added convenience that patients enjoy. 

5. Marketing: Think outside the box 

Marketing and advertisements are essential tools for reaching your target consumers. By strategically selecting how and when your advertising is done, you can successfully bring in many new clients. Thinking outside the box involves going beyond the mail flyers with limited time discount offers.

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Why not have an open house with giveaways and engaging activities? Or perhaps, serve your community in areas that are needed most. Getting your name and image out there with a positive association is vital for people to better know you and feel comfortable selecting your services. There are a plethora of marketing ideas that can be successfully used to draw in more patients.


The secret to bringing more patients into your dental practice lies in your strategy, ability to reach and attract your target consumers, and creativity. There are several methods which will give your practice a great boost. Implementing these methods requires effort, diligence and a proper mindset for long term results.

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