How can a dental practice increase their ROI by becoming paperless?

Technology changes have been constant in the dental marketplace in order to better equip providers for diagnosing and treating their patients. While these changes improve the quality of patient care, another type of technology helps providers in other ways. The age of paperless dental offices is here and is already being embraced by many providers. […]

Why are Consent Forms Important in Dentistry?

A dental practice, like any business, must have procedures in place that will enable it to be protected from a legal standpoint should the need arise. One such procedure is the process of how a practice handles dental informed consent forms.

Painless Dentistry – Including the Paperwork!

It’s a proven fact that regular dental cleanings are critical to a patient’s overall health, including a reduced risk of stroke and heart attacks. Despite this knowledge, going to see the dentist still ranks low on the “to do” list for many people.

A Simpler Patient Health History Form

Keeping track of patient record release form is important not only for your own sanity but also for the security of your patients. Each patient’s health history can vary greatly and being able to easily recognize any potential risks associated with each patient is important.

1 crucial step to protect your practice from potential legal risks (HIPAA)

The chances of your practice being audited for its HIPAA compliance are increasing. This isn’t being driven by government agencies wanting to poke into your practice, but rather by an increasing number of patient complaints around the U.S. In fact, such complaints are the number one reason for a HIPAA audit.

HIPAA Release Form – A Better Option

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, continues to alter the way medical info is stored and transmitted in hopes of delivering privacy to patients as well as an increased standard of care in the future. Some regard it as troublesome or unnecessary but one thing is clear, it is here to stay.

Three Ways to Automate Your Front Office Operations

Your front office operations are the first point of contact between your patients and your office. All too often, however, delays caused by paperwork problems result in grouchy patients. Take a look at some simple ways that automating your front office can help speed up patient care and leave everyone feeling happy and confident.

How iPads changing the dentist work today!

Owing to the ubiquitous proliferation of smart technology, it is surprising to note their appearance in environments where there was little prevalence as little as five years ago.As a case in point, mobile technologies have transformed the way healthcare is delivered in this country, and Apple products are in the vanguard of those transformations.